Furrion was started in 2004 by three founders who shared a simple, if ambitious, vision: to make the future perfect. Today their mission is to reinvent luxury living for a new generation, helping their customers escape the constraints of everyday life and live a future of limitless possibilities. Their idealistic approach to products and experiences is paired with an uncompromising passion for beautiful design. Their precise engineering is brought to life by a fast growing team of over 60 engineers, designers, and technologists who create everything from high-end luxury products to the simple seamless interfaces for a range of specialist industries.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Furrion products ideal for the caravan and marine industries. These include HD LED TVs, waterproof outdoor speakers, and entertainment systems.


SKU: 900-20100

Furrion 19" HD LED TV DVD Combo


SKU: 900-20105

Furrion 24" HD LED TV DVD Combo


SKU: 900-20200

Furrion 5" Outdoor Marine Speaker - Black


SKU: 900-20202

Furrion 5" Outdoor Marine Speaker - White


SKU: 900-20208

Furrion 6.5" Ceiling Speaker - Black


SKU: 900-20210

Furrion 6.5" Ceiling Speaker - White


SKU: 900-20400

Furrion DV3300 Series Entertainment System


SKU: 900-20402

Furrion DV5700 Series Entertainment System

$204.50 $189.99

SKU: 900-20212

Furrion Recessed Wall Speaker