Bushranger 4x4 Gear

Bushranger 4x4 Gear started from humble beginnings back in 1977. Compelled by their Australian love of this big wide country and their love for exploring in a 4x4, the reputation of Bushranger has steadily grown within the 4x4 community. Considered a leader in the industry, Bushranger offers a comprehensive range of accessories that are engineered and designed by their in-house engineering team. Each product has been tried and tested so you can be sure that it meets Australian standards for safety, practicality, robustness, and performance — and all in the harsh Australian landscape. Bushranger is the brand that you can rely on to get you there and back.

Outback Equipment stocks a huge range of Bushranger 4x4 Gear including vehicle hardware, accessories, and all the essentials for going the distance in your 4WD.


SKU: 61X08B

Wheelie Bin | 67L

Out Of Stock


SKU: 56X01

Moulded Mud Flaps | Small

$640.00 $559.99


Night Hawk 7" VLI Series LED Driving Light PAIR


SKU: 73X40

Diggar Shovel


SKU: 78X91

Portable Gas Hot Water Shower Carry Bag

$295.00 $268.99

SKU: 78X04

Portable Gas Hot Water Shower Kit

$268.99 $250.00

SKU: AW2000

Awning | 2m X 2.5m

$355.00 $329.99


Bushranger Night Hawk 28" VLI Series SR LED Light Bar


SKU: 58X10

Drag Chain | 5M

$240.00 $230.00

SKU: 72X04

Exhaust Jack

$495.00 $480.00

SKU: 50X01

Extracta Hand Winch 2.5T



Hi-Lift Jack | Fix It Kit


SKU: 75X04

Hi-Lift Jack | Off Road Base


SKU: SF01A-04

Safety Flag Storage Bag

$328.90 $319.99

SKU: 1010A

Air Kit | 1 Gallon

$495.00 $480.00

SKU: 1050A

Air Kit | 5 Gallon


SKU: V90006

Air Locker Fitting Adaptor Kit | 5 Piece

$192.50 $189.99

SKU: 1048

Air Tank | 1 Gallon | 3 Port

$319.00 $310.00


Air Tank | 5 Gallon | 7 Port