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VW Amarok Snorkel

The refined yet tough Amarok is just as good off-road fun as it is for work sites, and as such, should be equipped with accessories that will take it further. From the dustiest long-hauls through to the wettest creek crossings, you can go the distance with an Amarok snorkel from Tuff Terrain. Having a raised air intake will extend the life of your filters and ensure peak performance.


The Importance of an Amarok Snorkel

Interestingly enough, Volkswagen is yet to offer their own factory-fitted snorkel for the Amarok. For a car that was designed to “take down any terrain”, a snorkel for Amarok should be a necessary addition, especially as its wading depth is limited to 500mm. While the Amarok is a high ride with high-mounted electronics, its air box draws air from the top of the front grille. So heading nose-first into a creek without a snorkel could have some pretty severe consequences.

Invest in some cheap insurance with an Amarok suited snorkel. At less than $100, our Amarok snorkel price is next to nothing when compared to the disastrous and costly outcome of not safeguarding your engine from hydrolocking. Our snorkel from Tuff Terrain suits VW Amarok models from 2011 onwards with 2.0 litre twin turbo diesel engine. Note: This does not include the new Amarok V6, which has a 3.0 litre engine.

Enjoy a greater sense of freedom that a VW Amarok snorkel will afford, and confidently venture off-road.