Sometimes a campfire just doesn’t cut it when the temperatures drop. If you love camping but you’re not a fan of the cold weather, a decent camping heater can keep you toasty warm on those days and nights when the mercury dips.

So don’t let the cold keep you from getting outdoors this winter. Keep these simple tips in mind when using a portable heater for camping to ensure you stay safe while you stay warm.


Keep It Stable

Rule number one of using a camping heater: set it up on stable ground. The last thing you need is a wonky heater tipping over and causing a fire on your site. It can be tricky finding a perfectly level area when you’re out bush, so you might like to consider taking a fireproof board with you so you’ve always got somewhere flat for your camping heater.

Many camping heaters have a tilt switch that will automatically turn the heater off if it happens to tip over, but that doesn’t mean you should be lax when it comes to finding a stable surface for it to sit.


Keep It Clear

Putting your camping heater right next to your camp chair, tent or an overhanging branch is probably not the smartest idea.

Keep flammable objects away from your camping heater – and your campfire and any other source of heat for that matter.


Turn It Off Overnight

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a camping gas heater or an electric camping heater – you can’t leave them running all night. The heat these babies produce is enough to start a fire, and no one likes waking up to flames.


Don’t Leave It Unsupervised

By the same token, you should never leave your camping heater on when you’re not there to keep an eye on it. Leaving your camping heater unsupervised runs the risk of kids or animals playing too close and knocking it over and/or getting injured.

Accidents happen, and they can quickly escalate into disasters if no one’s there to act.


Use Only as Directed

While it may be tempting to cuddle up to your camping heater inside your tent during winter, if it’s intended for outdoor use only, don’t bring it into the tent. If you take a camping gas heater into an enclosed space like your caravan, tent or car, you could die.

Plenty of modern camping gas heaters feature an oxygen depletion sensor for safety, but that still doesn’t make them safe for indoor use, so use yours in well-ventilated areas only.

This is no time to be a rebel – following the manufacturer’s instructions could be the difference between a fun night and an unwanted fire (or carbon monoxide poisoning).


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