Parts & Accessories To Suit Your Nissan Juke

Take your Juke from good to great with Outback Equipment’s collection of aftermarket Nissan Juke accessories. You can keep it a little safer as the years roll by, or simply enjoy a better driving experience day-to-day.


All the Top Accessories for Your Nissan Juke

We know if you own a Juke in Australia, you’ll want it to be ready to handle every extreme condition this wide nation can throw at you. That’s why we try and test everything stocked on the Outback Equipment website – to ensure your Nissan Juke aftermarket accessories are up for whatever challenge you’ve got planned.

Juke Dash Mat

Over time, the harsh Aussie sun can fade and crack your dash. And even in the short term, sunlight smashing into your dash can send cabin temperatures skyrocketing – and can be a major distraction when glare starts hitting your eyes. That’s why it’s worth adding a Sundash dash mat to your Nissan Juke. Each one is made to order, and it can even allow your airbags to function without any intrusions or obstructions.

Juke Side Steps

Side steps aren’t just a handy way to get into the cabin. They’re actually one of the best Juke accessories for protecting both the inside and the outside of your car. Instead of trotting in dirt, mud, sand and whatever else your boots can carry, you can use your side steps as a sort of door mat. And as you’re rolling down the road, they offer your side panels some pretty handy protection against any stones your front wheels might flick up.

Juke iDrive Throttle Controller

If you’re a bit of a petrol-head, you’d know that modern ‘fly-by-wire’ cars just don’t have the same feel as old-school accelerators. So if you’re looking to tailor your pedal to your preferences, you’ll definitely want an iDrive Throttle Controller. You can customise some of the specifics of the signal your pedal sends to the engine – such as response times and sensitivity.


Why Buy Your Nissan Juke Accessories from Outback Equipment?

Aussie Owned and Operated

We aren’t sitting in an office overseas with no idea how the outback works. Our base is in Darra on the south side of Brisbane, but whenever we get the chance, we’ve got all that Queensland can offer just a short (or long) drive away. From the Glasshouse Mountain’s tough 4x4 tracks to the sweltering heat of central Queensland, we’re as in touch with Australian conditions as you can get.

Nissan Juke Parts Delivered to Your Door

There’s no hassle in driving cross-country to get to our depot – and no need to beat the closing time to make your purchase. Simply buy what you need at your leisure, and it’ll come to you – just the way things should be.

Plenty of Payment Options

There are so many ways to pay online these days, and we’re happy for you to use whichever’s easiest for you. For any purchase on the Outback Equipment website, you can make your payment via:

  • PayPal
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  • Direct deposit.

However you like to buy online, we can offer a payment option to suit.


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