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Invest in Headlight Covers

Whether you’re taking your 4x4 out for gravelly country drives or just staying in the confines of the city, you never know when a piece of debris or stone could accidentally get thrown directly into your headlight. Consider making an inexpensive investment in a pair of Nissan headlight protectors.

These will provide substantial protection for your headlights, even if just to prevent chips and scratches on the lens to maintain your car’s good looks. Plus if they do cop the full blow of a rock, a headlight protector is a whole lot cheaper to replace than a lens as acrylic is the fraction of the price of polycarbonate.

Invest in some Nissan headlight protectors today and save yourself from any future headaches.


The Features of a Good Headlight Protector

Avoid the headaches of a damaged headlight with the simple addition of Nissan headlight protectors. Our range of headlight protectors is designed and manufactured by the team at Protective Plastics who are known for specialising in aftermarket protective accessories.

Made from acrylic, they have a good impact resistance as well as being scratch resistant and UV resistant. They also have good clarity at ninety-two percent, which is obviously ideal for pieces of plastic that are covering your headlights.

We stock headlight protectors that will suit a variety of the Nissan 4WDs including the following models:


The Cost of a Damaged Headlight

Few people consider protecting their headlights until damage occurs and even then will try and ignore a pesky crack. Ignoring a damaged headlight can be detrimental in the long run, when rain and moisture starts getting into the casing. This can ultimately lead to mildew and ruining the electrics, creating a bigger hassle in the future.

Replacing a headlight lens can be an annoying cost. Most headlights are made from polycarbonate plastic, which in most instances should be quite resilient, but of course, bad luck does happen. What’s worse is if the projectile is big enough to smash right through your headlight lens, it could potentially break the bulb as well. Standard halogen bulbs are fairly inexpensive to replace, however, if your 4x4 is decked out with LED or Xenon bulbs, you’ll know you’ll be paying a lot more for a replacement.

Leaving a headlight broken can also have legal and safety consequences. If the bulb is broken, this can make driving in low visibility situations, unsafe, or if your shattered lens is fragmenting light, this can be unsafe for others driving towards you. This could lead to a fine and demerit points if your car is considered not roadworthy while driving.


Taking Your Vehicle Off-Road

With a Nissan 4WD you’re more likely than not enjoying leisurely drives off the beaten track or slogging away on a work site. And why wouldn’t you be? The best part of having a 4x4 is having a vehicle that can take a thorough thrashing and always bounce back. Getting about in these particular locations usually involves driving around on unsealed roads. As a result, gravel and stones will usually get whipped up by tyres. This may present a problem when you’re a part of a convoy of other vehicles.

While a spray of small pebbles is usually fairly negligible, it only takes one stray stone of the right size and right force to come flying into your headlight and cause some damage. This is why equipping your 4WD with Nissan headlight protectors is a must, especially for off-road situations. A headlight protector is ideal for safeguarding against cracks or even preventing an actual breakage.