Camping Swag Tents

The swag tent is the quintessential accessory for every avid adventurer of the Australian landscape. Acting as both a shelter and bedding, a camping swag is a traditional and straightforward way of setting up camp for the night.

The modern swag is ideal for the intrepid backpacker who wants to get out and not be encumbered by the weight of a standard tent. This is particularly important for explorers on the move who don’t want to be tied down to the one base for long. Offering comfort and convenience, a swag tent should be a part of every serious camper’s collection.


About Our Double, King & Single Camping Swag Tents

Camping in a swag doesn’t mean you must rough it thanks to our swag tent range from Weisshorn. Each swag is manufactured from water repellent canvas and includes a PVC waterproof floor edge to keep the interior of your tent clean and dry. Each swag tent also comes with a 600mm high-density foam mattress for superior comfort.

It’s also vital to put up shelter quickly when you need it. Our swags are easy to set up and pack away, and with high-quality construction, this roomy shelter will stay put in all weather conditions. Swags are also great backpacking tents because they’re compact, durable and can be set up in no time.

So, no matter how rugged your journey or destination may be, a Weisshorn swag tent will ensure you get a good night’s rest, safe from the elements.


Compact Shouldn’t Mean Confined

There’s nothing more liberating than being in the great outdoors but what’s the point if you only end up being cramped within your sleeping quarters?

Sleeping in a swag shouldn’t mean feeling confined in a small space. Our range of lightweight swags are not only reliable but also roomy. We have double swags and king single swag options available. Both sizes offer generous moving space, optimal ventilation, and a full length zip off top flap so you can still enjoy the outdoors from the shelter of your swag.

With the addition of air pillows and a high density foam mattress, a camping swag is comfort conveniently bundled in a carry bag. 


For the Journey and the Destination

Regardless of what kind of outdoor trip you’re embarking on, a swag tent is bound to be suitable for all of your adventures.

At Outback Equipment we like to keep our camping trips as unfussed as possible, so we think the space-saving convenience of a swag tent is perfect for every camping occasion. We have a swag for sale for every occasion. Whether you’re heading out by yourself, wanting to share with a friend, or would just enjoy the extra space for yourself, our functional swag tents will cater to your adventuring needs.

$239.99 $219.99


Double Camping Canvas Swag Tent Green With Air Pillow



Jolly Swagman 1m Adjustable Steel Pole

$353.00 $279.99


Jolly Swagman Matilda Traditional Swag XXL

$639.00 $479.99


Jolly Swagman Shiralee Dome Swag Double

$449.00 $349.99


Jolly Swagman Shiralee Dome Swag XL

$549.00 $439.99


Jolly Swagman Sundowner 3 Hoop Deluxe XXXL

$509.90 $449.99


Jolly Swagman True Blue Banjo Dome Swag Double

$393.50 $389.99


Jolly Swagman True Blue Banjo Dome Swag XL

$447.00 $399.99


Jolly Swagman True Blue Lassetter Dome Swag XXL

$519.00 $429.99

SKU: JM103

Jolly Swagman True Blue Ridge Dome Swag Wide Double

$399.00 $379.99

SKU: JM102

Jolly Swagman True Blue Ridge Dome Swag Wide XL

$449.00 $389.99

SKU: JM100

Jolly Swagman True Blue Ridge Dome Swag Wide XL With Bag