Caravan & Camping Toilets

Nature calling in nature? When you gotta go, you gotta go. But for some people, doing their business in a hole or behind a tree is enough to put them off camping altogether.

If you’re looking to add a bit of comfort to your campout, you’ll find a loo that suits you in our range of camping toilets.

From portable camping toilets to floor-mounted caravan toilets, Outback Equipment will be there when you need to go.

Portable Camping Toilets

Our portable camping toilets are designed to follow you wherever you go. These toilets are easy to move around, so when it’s time to load up the truck or trailer for another outdoor adventure, you know you’ve got somewhere to do your business that doesn’t require a shovel.

Choose from a range of self-contained, freshwater, flushing portable toilets to add to your camping arsenal. Our portable camping toilets are made from sturdy yet lightweight plastic, making your loo easy to move and easy to clean. They all come with a holding tank indicator so you know when it’s time for emptying, and can avoid any nasty surprises. They’re also airtight, so you won’t have any unpleasant smells hanging around.

Perfect for your next camping or caravanning trip, our portable camping toilets will make you feel right at home.

Floor Mounted Caravan Toilets

Every caravan needs a quality toilet, and Outback Equipment has just the range. Our floor-mounted caravan toilets are designed for comfort. Featuring a large seat and deep bowl, high profile, and single-pedal flush, your caravan toilet will add a bit of luxury to your holiday home on wheels.

Gone are the days of sharing a toilet block with strangers in a caravan park. If you’re heading away for a while, you’ll want to take a toilet on your travels.

Our floor-mounted caravan toilets are the number one way to take care of your number ones and number twos. 


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Happy Bowl Toilet Bowl Liners - 50 Per PK


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Camco RV & Marine Toilet Tissue 4 Pack


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Camec Portable Toilet Seat & Lid

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Oztrail Toilet Chair


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Thetford Porta Potti Qube 365


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Camec Portable Toilet Carry Bag 10L


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Camec Portable Toilet Carry Bag 20L


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Camec Portable Toilet Freshwater Cap


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Camec Portable Toilet Slide Valve


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Camec Portable Toilet Waste Cap


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Camec Toilet Clip


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Fiamma Bi-pot 30


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Fiamma Bi-pot 34


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Fiamma Bi-Pot 39

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Fiamma Pack of 6 Toilet Tissue

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Oztrail Campsite Hygiene Hub

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Oztrail Portable Toilet 10L

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Oztrail Streamline Twin Flush 20L

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Oztrail Toilet Bottom Tank Additive 1L

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Oztrail Toilet Chair with Bag

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Bonus Gift

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Oztrail Toilet Paper Holder