Camping Showers

Going exploring no longer means having to sacrifice life’s little comforts. At Outback Equipment we stock a wide range of camping showers to suit your personal setup. Whether you’re after a simple gravity-powered system or a top-of-the-line awning shower tent with hot water, you can find what you need at Outback Equipment.

Types of Camping Showers

There’s a lot to be said for being able to shower when camping or caravanning. For starters, it means you can venture into the wilderness without having to worry about finding a public shower or queuing up for it. And with so many different types of camping showers now available, there’s something for everyone, from lightweight solar showers to gas-heated, vehicle-mounted designs.

Shower Buckets & Solar Camping Showers

Quick to set up and powered by either the sun’s free energy or your own hot water, shower buckets are a simple and reliable entry point into the world of camp and caravan showers. Just fill up the reservoir with hot water and enjoy a refreshing wash right away, or leave it in the sun to heat up while you’re out adventuring. Hang it from your roof rack or the nearest branch and you’re good to go.

Features vary to suit different individual needs, with a range of capacities and hose styles to choose from, plus extra features like built-in thermometers.

Hot Water Camping Showers

If you’re more of a “home away from home” type of outdoor voyager, our range of camping shower hot water systems might be preferable. Options include:

  • Gas
  • Battery (rechargeable)
  • Heat exchanger (from your vehicle’s engine)

The best thing about having a hot water system is the versatility: you can use them for instant hot showers, to fill your camp shower reservoir, or even for doing dishes or laundry.

Get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions about which option is best for you and your existing setup!

Shower Awning Tents

Whether you opt for a solar shower or pump-powered system, you’ll probably also need a shower tent to go with it, at least if you value a little privacy when showering!

Our range of shower tents offer simple fold-out and roll-out operation, and are a very welcome comfort to have when you want to have a shower or use the bathroom without having to find a secluded spot away from your campsite.

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