Orbit Air Annex

Orbit Air Annexes by Purpleline are the inflatable annexes suitable for attaching to caravans and camper trailers. If you’re looking to upgrade your annex and expand your private caravanning space, then an Orbit Air Annex is the most hassle-free way to achieve these results. Inspired by the world’s first inflatable camper trailer — the Air Opus, these inflatable annexes have been designed and manufactured using innovative, yet proven technologies to create a more enjoyable camping experience. Air beam technology provides excellent structural integrity but also weighs less and occupies a small storage area when packed up, freeing up space for more important things. These annexes are super easy to install and repair but most importantly, Orbit Air Annexes are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather with superior UV protection and cooling and ventilation features. The Orbit Air Annex is a must-have shelter for every caravanner and camper alike.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Orbit Air annexes, including the Orbit Air Astro, the Orbit Air Capsule, and the Orbit Air Annex.

$579.00 $550.00

SKU: 150-06008

Orbit® Air Capsule Annex Extension Room

$1,099.00 $1,040.00

SKU: 150-06002

Orbit® Air Astro Annexe 325 High Profile

$1,099.00 $1,040.00

SKU: 150-06000

Orbit® Air Astro Annexe 325 Low Profile

$1,599.00 $1,480.00

SKU: 150-06006

Orbit® Air Comet Annexe 325 High

$1,599.00 $1,480.00

SKU: 150-06004

Orbit® Air Comet Annexe 325 Low Profile