Purple Line

Purple Line is an Australian company based in Melbourne specialising in the design and manufacture of products for the caravan and RV market. As one of the leading suppliers of RV accessories in Australia, Purple Line offers a comprehensive range of caravan movers and caravan security and safety products. Purple Line product ranges include FullStop anti-theft range for caravan security, Kojack lifting and levelling range, and The Original Aeroplus wind deflector towing accessory.

Outback Equipment stock a variety of products from Purple Line’s extensive product ranges. These include the signature orange Saracen hitch locks and wheel clamps, hydraulic jacks and baseplates, and aerodynamic towing accessories

$319.99 $275.00

SKU: 450-06090

Aeroplus Caravan Wind Deflector


SKU: 450-06002

Kojack 4t Jack Kit Higher Extension


SKU: 450-06010

Kojack Baseplate


SKU: 450-06064

Nemesis Wheel Clamp V3


SKU: 450-06072

Purple Line Anti Theft Pack


SKU: 450-06040

Purple Line Kojack Socket Extension 19mm

$89.99 $85.89

SKU: 450-06081

Saracen Australian Caravan and Trailer Hitch Lock


SKU: 450-06084

Saracen Hitch Lock With Shinguard

$179.00 $119.90

SKU: 450-06088

Saracen Off Road Hitch Lock

$189.99 $139.99

SKU: 450-06086

Saracen Ultra Hitch Lock. SHL300


SKU: 450-06032

Torpedo Hitch Pin Lock