Nuova Mapa

Nuova Mapa is an Italian brand established in 1963 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of its owner who decided to apply his experience from the manufacture of car accessories. Nuova Mapa represents a significant brand in the caravan industry, specialising in the design and manufacture of vehicle hardware including railings, luggage racks, and ladders, to name a few. They are particularly renowned for their production of manual and electric steps designed to fit most recreational vehicles. Their use of high quality materials that demonstrate the best durable properties and come complete with protective treatments makes Nuova Mapa one of the most reliable partners for leading manufacturers.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Nuova Mapa electric and manual steps and other related caravanning hardware.


SKU: 450-02110

Nuova Mapa Electric Steps - Double


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Nuova Mapa Springs For Manual Step (Pair). 3v02013


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Step Aluminium/Steel Manual 560mm