Hema Maps is a Brisbane-based mapping and publishing company that has been exploring Australia for 30 years. Hema has produced a range of comprehensive maps, atlases, guides and GPS navigation systems covering the expansive distance of lesser-travelled, unsealed roads across Australia. Hema has firmly established themselves as masterful map makers in the 4WD and outdoor adventure industries. They are constantly striving for accurate cartographic detail and up-to-date data thanks to their dedicated field teams, unparalleled knowledge, and forward-thinking technology.

Outback Equipment stocks Hema Maps products including the ever popular HX-1 Navigator, as well as a huge range of maps, atlases, and guides.


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Camps Australia Wide 9 Spiral

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Hema HX-1 Navigator


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Australia Road & 4WD Atlas

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Camping Guide to NSW

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HN7 Stylus

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Strzelecki Track Guide

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