Great Whites

Great Whites is one of Australia’s best-selling aftermarket driving lights, trusted by truck drivers and 4x4 enthusiasts across the country. Great Whites driving lights are designed by OEX and engineered and manufactured by Vision X Lighting who are global leaders in the lighting industry and recognised by 4x4 enthusiasts around the world. Great Whites lights attribute their popularity to their high performance output, long life warranty, and outstanding design. Their cutting-edge LED technology delivers both distance and spread of light in every individual LED, so no longer will mismatched driving lights be a problem. Their technology ensures that they will perform in the most rigorous conditions.

Outback Equipment stocks Great Whites driving lights including round lights and LED bars as well as related accessories such as mounting brackets, wiring harnesses, and lenses.

$470.99 $469.99

SKU: GWB5154

Great Whites 15 LED Bar Attack Driving Light

$631.00 $629.99

SKU: GWB5244

Great Whites 24 LED Bar Attack Driving Light

$866.99 $849.99

SKU: GWB5364

Great Whites 36 LED Bar Attack Driving Light


SKU: GWB5064

Great Whites 6 LED Bar Attack Driving Light


SKU: GWB5094

Great Whites 9 LED Bar Attack Driving Light


SKU: GWA0014

Great Whites Illuminated Rocker Switch


SKU: GWA0008

Great Whites Wiring Harness 24 Volt