Engel is considered one of the best portable fridge manufacturers in the world and is used by caravanners, campers, four wheel drive enthusiasts, and boat owners. Even government departments, courier and trucking companies, health organisations, and food and beverage companies find an Engel fridge/freezer invaluable in their day-to-day operations. Over fifty years ago Sawafuji Electric Co. Ltd Japan purchased the drawing of a swing motor and developed this into the motor and pump used to power the Engel Portable fridge-freezer we know today. Over time the design has continued to evolve to improve performance, reliability and power consumption. The swing motor is purpose built to withstand the shocks encountered in the bush or working environment. With its ability to operate at a 30 degree angle, this is a special product.

Outback Equipment stocks Engel combination fridge/freezers, which are ideal for all adventure, travel, and business needs.

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Engel Mt60fc 60l Combi Fr/Frzr