AL-KO is the third generation German company with a long and proud history in Australia with offices and manufacturing facilities located across Australia. Al-Ko has become the number one choice among caravan and trailer manufacturers for their high quality, genuine products — designed and tested to suit Australian conditions. Al-Ko is on a constant quest for quality, innovation, and sophisticated functionality combined with contemporary design, comfort, and reliability. The company utilises CAD, CNC, and robotics to design and manufacture an exceptional and comprehensive range of products for the trailer, caravan, and motorhome markets in Australia and New Zealand.

Outback Equipment stocks a range of Al-Ko products including corner steadies, jockey wheels, foot pads, and a variety of other RV and trailer related gear.

$174.50 $126.64

SKU: 450-00642

Alko 10" Jockey Wheel - With Pin Swivel Bracket

$38.50 $37.99

SKU: 450-05100

Alko 2000kg 2 Hole Snap On Coupling-Painted. 614062

$139.50 $129.95

SKU: 450-05130

Alko 2000kg Mech Override Coupling-Plated


SKU: 450-05120_006280

Alko 3500kg Electric Coupling W/Hand Brake. 614010pl


SKU: 450-05302

Alko 500mm Corner Steady Hex Drive Bolt On

Bonus Gift


SKU: 450-05350

Alko 500mm Corner Steady W/Wheel-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 006476_450-05300

Alko 500mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 006089-A

Alko 52 Litre Water Tank


SKU: 450-05400

Alko 590mm Drop Down Corner Steady W/Bigfoot

$67.00 $61.99

SKU: 006402_450-00600

Alko 6" Jockey Wheel


SKU: 006406_450-00610

Alko 6" Jockey Wheel With Swivel Bracket


SKU: 006477_450-05310

Alko 600mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 006478_450-05320

Alko 700mm Corner Steady-Plated Hex Drive


SKU: 450-05450

Alko 740mm Drop Down Corner Steady W/Bigfoot


SKU: 006408_450-00620

Alko 8" Jockey Wheel

$49.50 $42.95

SKU: 450-00686

Alko 8" Solid Tyre Wheel Only

$160.95 $144.95

SKU: 450-05147

Alko AKS High Rise 50mm Tow Ball

$76.45 $72.99

SKU: 450-05146

Alko Aks Towball Retention Plate. 618100


SKU: 006486_450-00120

Alko Big Foot Caravan Jack Steady "Foot" Set Of 4

$122.00 $120.00

SKU: 450-05452

ALKO Black 740mm Drop Down Corner Steady


SKU: 450-00714

Alko Hex Winder Handle 1150mm


SKU: 450-00712

Alko Hex Winder Handle 800mm


SKU: 450-00646

Alko Jockey Wheel Handle

$198.00 $171.00

SKU: 450-00660

Alko Power Mover

$22.84 $13.99

SKU: 450-00121

Alko Single Foot Piece T/S Big Foot Jack Steady


SKU: 450-00644

Alko Thrust Bearing

$155.98 $135.89

SKU: 450-06085

Gullwing Euro Hitch Lock