When you're hitting the open road for a few weeks, the first thoughts are usually: What food am I going to bring? How many tinnies do I need? What tracks am I going to take on? Amongst the excitement and anticipation, the last thought that goes through anyone's mind is, how will I store my rubbish? If you want to be prepared, plastic bin bags in the front seat just aren’t going to cut it. In almost all National Parks in Australia if you get caught leaving rubbish behind, it can result in some hefty fines. To avoid this, we’ve decided to review one of our best-selling products, for a reason. The Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag literally has hundreds of uses. Made from a heavy duty 1680D oxford waterproof cloth featuring two side pockets, reflective strips and large mounting straps.  

We stuffed this thing full to the brim with firewood just to see how durable the materials were and were not disappointed when it held up whilst being thrown around on extreme tracks in Cape York. With a 60L capacity, if you are going to use it to store rubbish, it’s important to make use of every space by crushing cans flat. Line the inside with newspaper or a plastic bag to make dumping your rubbish at collections points much easier. The side pockets were great for keeping any extra items that needed to be reached at the back of the vehicle dry. If you love surfing, then the Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag is the perfect wettie storage, when you don’t want sand or saltwater ruining the interior of the vehicle.    

Throw muddy shoes or clothes in there, it doesn’t matter how dirty this thing gets, the mounting straps can be removed easily when you want to give it a rinse after a weekend of adventure. This Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag will last years if taken care off, so it’s the perfect addition to any 4x4 when setting off into the unknown.

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