At Outback Equipment, we know how frustrating it can be keeping everything in its place whilst traveling through the outback. It’s the same feeling when you can’t find your keys for the 100th time when you’re just trying to get to the next destination, and you find them lodged in a dark corner of the roof top tent, you just packed up. Keeping your gear neat and tidy not only saves time packing up, but also ensures those loose items aren’t being damaged by being tossed around in the back. Quality gear can be expensive, so strap it in or mount it to the vehicle with the most versatile and durable rubber strap mounts from Tuff Terrain. 

We’ve tested their strength, durability and versatility on our set ups and concluded that no 4x4 is complete without them. The Tuff Terrain rubber mounts are just ideal for keeping recovery gear in place, use them to keep tools in place on a rocky boat, or for maximising space in the workshop. Rubber mounts are the ultimate accessory for everywhere, every condition and all kinds of equipment. 

The Tuff Terrain Rubber Clamp Mount Kit is ideal for mounting fire extinguishers, gas tanks and jerry cans safely. If you’re struggling to find a solution for safely mounting these items, there are a range of sizes and variants to choose from. We love these handy straps simply because they will last forever, made from tough, durable rubber, they won’t corrode over time when exposed to the elements. Strapping in and removing an item takes just seconds with their user-friendly design. Order an entire Tuff Terrain rubber clamp mount kit and start organising your gear today.   

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