What's the last thing to go through a bug's mind when it hits the windscreen? Short answer: It’s butt. As we all know bugs can be a bit of an issue when bush bashing at night. Attracted to the high beams on a vehicle, it’s not long before a car is absolutely covered. Washing them off isn’t an issue but once lodged into the radiator, it can become an overheating issue for your 4x4’s engine. Cool air intake is essential on long trips and if you have to stop every day to clean bugs out from the radiator unfortunately it could slow you down or even damage the engine. That’s why we’ve decided to review the insect screen from Tuff Terrain for a Toyota Prado 150 series, to see how it holds up against the onslaught of bugs on deep country tracks.  

Not only does the Tuff Terrain insect screen protect your radiator from clogging up with bugs, it’s also a great way to prevent stone damage to your vehicle's grille and radiator from cars in front. The specially designed steel mesh is zinc painted and powder coated for rust resistance. This Tuff Terrain insect screen is completely weatherproof and will last year's up against the toughest conditions. We love that the screens are easily removed for cleaning and all fittings and instructions were supplied. The entire install took no more than 10 minutes and looked great on a Toyota Prado. The black mesh completely blends into the exterior of the front of the vehicle giving it that seamless look. Best of all for those of us who are more precious about our new 4x4s, there is no drilling required. The strategically placed fittings are tailored made to suit every make and model perfectly, making the Tuff Terrain insect screen an ideal addition to any vehicle.  

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