There is so much hype about the Sirocco 2, that we just had to test it for ourselves. So, we installed one in a van and were blown away (pun intended) by the performance power this 12v fan has to offer. The installation was easy, with just hand tools required the Sirocco 2 fan features a unique gimbaled design that allows 360° airflow throughout the space. The Sirocco 2 is a versatile 12/24v fan with auto-sensing capability. We can see exactly why it’s all the rage with campers and caravanners. It’s low voltage power draw saves on battery so there’s never any reason to worry about your battery life if it’s accidently left on all night.

We loved the consistently strong breeze and adjustable positions. The Sirocco fan is the perfect solution to airflow if you are stuck in your vehicle because of bad weather. Even when the humidity is unbearable the Sirocco provides an amazing relief, so you can rest easy. We even found that it helped with dispersing cooking smoke. Best of all, for those of us who are sensitive to noise, the Sirocco 2 is quieter than most 12/24v exhaust fans, so it’s the perfect choice for caravanning in comfort. The Sirocco 2 fan can be folded flat against the wall when not in use. With multiple speeds and 4 pre-set timed settings the little 12/24v fan is packed with features, it’s easy to see how much time went into the design and manufacture of such a great product.  

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