How good is owning a boat and being able to get away from everything? There really is nothing like the peace and quiet of the open ocean or a calm bay. If you’re thinking about purchasing a tinny or small boat, it’s usually for this very reason. Keen to get into fishing? Water skiing? Or just want to explore the natural world. There are plenty of small craft that will get you to these wonderful places in comfort. But if you are in need of some inspiration or help with planning the perfect trip, check out some of the places we recommend below. 

First things first, if you are new to boating and have just gotten your boating license, you may have all the information and knowledge to navigate but we also recommend a few tips we’ve picked up over the years for everyone's benefit. Please consider taking adequate sun protection including a broad rimmed hat and UV resistant clothes, you can find our new range of fishing apparel here. 

Always leave the place better than you found it, including the collection of rubbish and even a little bit more if you can carry it, to protect the beautiful marine life we all like to enjoy. Always bring more water than you think you will need in case of emergency. Double check if you need a permit to enter a waterway or camp over night before docking. Have the correct safety gear with you for any condition that may arise, not being prepared is dangerous and will put you and others at risk. You can check out our safety gear recommendations for small boats here.  

  1. Horseshoe Bay (Peel island)  

Horseshoe Bay can be found on the south side of Peel Island, just passed Cleveland and is one of our favourite spots. This area is safe to swim as its pristine waters are often calm and have a pretty abundant fish life, so feel free to drop a line in. Check the restricted fishing zones beforehand as much of the island is protected sanctuaries. Horseshoe Bay is ideal to park up any time of the day as it is quite protected from the offshore winds and deeper currents. Once you're done there, there is another little gem around the corner called Platypus Bay where a huge shipwreck lies, great for snorkelling and exploring!  

  1. North Bribie Island (Caloundra) 

Heading towards the sunny coast you’ll find ideal conditions most of the time near a place called Pumicestone Passage on the Northern end of Bribie Island. This little passage way is protected by the island, so it makes ideal swimming. The water is extremely blue as well as being able to just see Glass House mountains on the mainland. Its picturesque vibes are sure to impress anyone you bring along. There are additional waterways to explore here as well, including creeks and rivers than run for ages, making it a nice quiet place to drop a line in and try your luck for some flatty's.  

  1. South Stradbroke Island  

We all know the reason people really move to Brisbane is the unbelievably beautiful islands just East of the city. Choosing between North and South Stradbroke Island usually depends on what kind of adventure or scenery you are after. South Straddy is an entire nature reserve stretching for nearly 2000 hectares all the way down to the Gold Coast. One of our favourite spots just 20 minutes from a spot called Runaway Bay is Couran Cove. A personal favourite of mine as the vivid memories of catching my first fish was on a cruise charted by the lovely island resort staff. The area here is brimming with life and family activities, so we highly recommend this place if you want to get the whole family on board for this adventure. There’s plenty of action here for everyone, including bush walking, surfing and beach lounging. You can either stay in the resort or book an area at Tipplers, as there is very strict regulations about camping on the reserve itself.  

  1. Moreton island  

If you're after a day trip to remember for a lifetime – Moreton Island is one of the more exclusive areas you will ever have the pleasure of cruising around in. This boating experience does require heading into open water so prepare for those conditions by wearing life jackets and securing everything safely. Tangalooma is part of the western beaches of Moreton Island and will provide the most protection from wind and strong currents. Diving, snorkelling and swimming are highly encouraged as there is an absolute abundance of marine life to be found here including dolphins, bandicoots and turtles. You may pull up to the beach here, but there are no moorings available to the public, so prepare your boat accordingly and remember the tides. If you’d like to camp here overnight passes are available on the Moreton Bay website.  

  1. Sommerset dam 

This one is inland and only about 1.45hrs from Brisbane up the highway. The last time we went out here, we were blown away with stunning mountain views and peaceful camping spots. The lake offers several boat ramps to easily get a small tinny, jet ski or inflatable in here. This spot is great for zipping around, tubing and recreational boating. You can try your luck for some fresh water fish right over the other side away from the action, but we highly recommend this spot for a quiet place to test the new boat.  

There are so many more spots to recommend, we hope to get out some more places in our tinny, check out our tinny build series to see how you can turn a standard dinghy into a dream vessel with our products!   

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