A caravan is a big responsibility, but offers the ultimate in privacy, luxury and mobility. Jacking up and changing a tire on a caravan is a very different process to that of a vehicle. That’s why we’ve chosen to put the Trail-A-Mate Hydraulic jack and jockey wheel to the test. Making sure your caravan stays level whilst in use is one thing but raising a lowering it when it’s time to tow can be a dangerous task if not done properly. With the Trail-A-Mate jack and jockey wheel this an all-in-one product that makes raising and lowering caravans, boats and trailers stress free. There’s no need to climb under a vehicle, it can either be portable or permanently fixed to an A-frame. This product eliminates the need to carry multiple different bits of gear and the less weight you can carry whilst travelling the better. The Trail-A-Mate jockey wheel simply slides of and can be replaced with a steel base plate that converts into a jack when you need to level out your rig. Before you unhitch, swap around the wheel by sliding out a pin and replace with a solid base plate, for a sturdy connection to the ground. 

Every attachment you’ll ever need to make jacking up and moving your caravan around is supplied by Trail-A-Mate. The Trail-A-Mate wheel clamp can be permanently fixed to the front of your caravan A-frame whilst the stock attachment connects to the back and sides of your caravan chassis frame, so jacking up any corner isn’t a problem. They’ve even manufactured a simple anti-theft lock that tightens into the wheel clamp handle, so your expensive equipment is safe. 

The Trail-A-Mate is an absolute must have if you plan on travelling long distances. Not all campgrounds will have even surfaces so being able to adapt to your surroundings with this versatile Trail-A-Mate hydraulic jack and jockey wheel will make all the difference when you're on holiday.  

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