At Outback Equipment we are absolutely stoked when we see new products being manufactured that truly cater to the needs of 4x4 owners. It’s easy to see that the 4WD Interiors Roof Console was designed by people that understand what it’s like be a part of a convoy when taking on the most extreme 4x4 tracks in Australia. Communication is key here, so we’re reviewing the 4WD Interiors Roof Console designed to fit a Toyota Land Cruiser 80 series. Packed with features that complement the drivers experience on the road.  

Firstly, anyone can install a 4WD Interiors Roof Console with just a few hand tools. The whole process only took about an hour, including the radio set up. The idea of this design is to allow drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Mounting a two-way to the middle console or somewhere on the dash meant having to look down for a few seconds, which in this country can often make the difference between avoiding a roo or a head on collision. The 4WD Interiors Roof Console is custom built for mounting a two-way to the driver's side of the overhead interior, so you always know where it is and it’s in easy reach if you need to tell a mate in front that they’ve popped a tire. These consoles come with a variety of inserts that cater to existing two-ways and even provide cable holders to neatly store the radio connection when not in use.  

The bright LED’s easily lights up the entire vehicle at night. Whilst the extra storage space, makes accessing your sunnies, wallet or National Park pass much faster. Having all the essentials in the one easy to reach spot means you never have to take your eyes off the road. The overall aesthetics of the 4WD Interiors roof console, with its leather grain finish, looks as if it came stock with the vehicle. Blending smoothly with the interiors, the 4WD interiors Roof Console if a must have for any 4x4 owner.  

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