Outback World Records 2019

You reckon you’re good at all things off-road or outdoors? We’re having none of it.

If you really want us to turn our heads, you’ll need to knock some of these world record holders off their perches.


Longest Line of Motorhomes

9.5km (868 Motorhomes)

Image courtesy of ABC News.

Have you taken a few mates for a trip in your motorhomes?

Were there over a thousand of you?

If you answered “yes” to both, you were probably in Barcaldine (in western Queensland) back in May, 2019. Over a thousand locals and adventurers parked in a line of campers that stretched further than Paul Gallen’s ego.


Largest Parade of 4x4 Vehicles

3,529 Vehicles

Even if everyone in Barcaldine got out of their caravans, got into a 4x4 and started parading, they’d be well short of the record set in Costa Rica back in 2009. They managed a parade of 3,529 vehicles in one procession.

Presumably none of them were Land Rovers, because all 3,529 vehicles made it to the event.


Largest Fish Ever Caught

Do you reckon you’re a chance of pulling in a record-breaking fish? This is the competition you’re up against:

  • Barramundi – 44.64kg (caught in Lake Monduran, Qld in 2010)
  • Red Snapper – 22.79kg (caught in Louisiana, USA in 1996)

(Image courtesy of Enacademic)

But those are just chump change compared to the largest fish ever caught on a rod. That honour goes to a 1.5-tonne great white shark, reeled in back in 1986 (as pictured above). But if we’re honest, that one’s a nope from us. They say a bad day fishing beats a good day in the office, but at least offices don’t have 3,000+ pound sharks.


Longest Road Trip Possible

Sagres (Portugal) to Khasan (Russia), 14,043km

The rules here are simple – what’s the furthest you can drive from one place on Earth to another, without backtracking or taking the scenic route? What’s the longest direct path between two places?

That goes to a drive across the belly of Europe and Asia – from Portugal to Russia. It’ll take you 14,043km, at least a week of non-stop driving, and about 20 packs of Tim Tams to finish.


Set Your Own Records

Sadly, there aren’t a lot of world records related to camping or off-roading. So, why not try and set some? Grab yourself some of the world’s toughest gear from the Outback Equipment website, and put yourself in the history books.