Life on the road is so much sweeter when you’re kitted out with the latest caravan accessories. Below, we’ve created a must-have list of all the things you didn’t know you needed for your caravan like Sirocco fans, Ampfibian waterproof adaptors, tow mirrors, reversing cameras and a whole lot more!

Sirocco Fans

Sirocco Fans are one of the most famous and best gadgets for campervans that need to be added to your shopping list and rightly so – their singular benefit is keeping you cool wherever you go. Features include being able to wall-mount them to your cabin, 360° directional airflow and an extremely quiet, long-life motor that won’t chew through your power supply. Here’s a selection of some of our most popular Sirocco Fans for your campervan, so you can stay cool and cruise the Aussie outback.

Ampfibian Waterproof Adaptors

Safety is paramount when you’re on the road. Regardless of how much rain has been forecasted for your trip, water exposure is unavoidable and often, you’ll find yourself driving through, or camping out in puddles of it. This is where the renowned Ampfibian waterproof adaptors come in handy. Manufactured in Australia, these waterproof caravan gadgets provide the ultimate security for your electrical connections, as well as superior weather protection when you’re plugging into outdoor environments and camp-grounds. Check out one of our favourite models from Ampfibian here.

Towing Mirrors

If you’re a 4x4 enthusiast and hook your caravan up to your vehicle, you’ll know a thing or two about the importance of towing mirrors. In fact, in Australia there is a legal requirement to use caravan tow mirrors at all times unless your factory fitted mirrors are wider than your caravan, and you can see a further 20m behind it. With these safety requirements in mind, it comes to no surprise that tow mirrors are one of the most important caravan gadgets you’ll ever buy.

Reversing Cameras

When you go off road, you can sometimes find yourself in a sticky wicket when you want to set up camp for the night between a couple of Eucalyptus trees. Situations like this call for one of the latest caravan gadgets – the reversing camera. Hooking one of these cameras up to your caravan will provide you with a clear visual of the area directly behind your vehicle, eliminating blind spots so you can reverse park without causing any damage.

Portable Fire Pit and Ember Tray

What Aussie doesn’t love the sizzle of a rack of lamb on the barbie? Portable fire pits are one of the best gadgets for campervans because as well as cooking your food, they’ll keep you warm as the evening chill sets in. Coast to Coast manufacture fire pits that fold up when not in use, making them a must-have caravan gadget for your next adventure.

A Washing Machine

There really nothing like being able to wash dirty clothes in the middle of nowhere. It will not only save you a long trip into town and in some parts of Australia, that can mean half a tank of petty. A Camec Compact washing machine 3.0kg is more than enough washing power to get you through those longer trips and keep you out of laundromats for good. Save your spare change and install a portable caravan washing machine. There's no doubt that camping is good fun, but getting outdoors means getting dirty. Bring a little bit of luxury with you and start enjoying more time actually traveling and less time doing laundry. 

Reich Weight Control

Weight is one of the most pivitol factors when it comes to caravanning. If you are towing an uneven motorhome, parts may wear out quicker and make your driving erractic. Many National Parks and Caravan Parks will also weigh before entry so if you are overweight, they may not let you in due to dangerous turns and junctions. That's why it's so handy to have a device that lets you measure your total mass and even just the weight of one side of a caravan without leaving the comfort of your driveway. The Reich Weight Control saves you time and the hassle of driving to weigh bridges. Simply drive over the device with each wheel and it will calculate the total mass for you. 

As you can see, there are so many options out there when it comes to the best gadgets for campervans that provide cool comfort, functionality and also meets the safety requirements everyone should meet when they go caravanning. What’s first on your shopping list?