The new decade is here, and everyone is geared up for change.

There’s nothing like a makeover to get you feeling fresh and fierce. Whether you have two legs or four wheels, sometimes we need to invest in a little more so we can perform a lot better.

Whether you’re looking to head further off the beaten track, stay off the grid longer, or carry everyone’s mother, their bags, and the kitchen sink, getting the right fit-out will ensure smooth sailing.

This isn’t just about good looks (though it is nice to turn a few heads) – this is about the thrill of the drive. Since we commenced our fitting service in July 2019, we’ve helped dozens of customers get more out of their vehicles. Bullbars, snorkels, lifts, and roof racks are the usual suspects. But while an accessory or two might do wonders, we live for the extra…

Big builds are our favourite and while we have since had a few, our fondest memory has been this 200 Series LandCruiser, the first 4x4 on which we could go all out…

This beauty turned into a beast undergoing the works with a:



  • Outback Armour suspension – adjustable bypass, 50mm



  • Kings Domin8r X winch and control box

    • In-house fabricated support bracket for control box
    • In-house fabricated plug bracket for winch lead



Resolutions aren’t just for the new year, but there is no better time than now to consider getting fit. 
Bolder looks, tougher gear, and bigger adventures are waiting

Give us a call to learn about what we can do for the 4x4 and start planning your next big trip for 2020.