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With a few camping hacks up your sleeve, you can make your next outdoor adventure less stressful, more fun, and maybe even a little tastier. We’ve divided these 12 brilliant camping hacks into 3 categories:

  • Camping food hacks

  • Camping life hacks

  • Camping storage hacks.

Camping Food Hacks:

1. Muffin Batter + Orange Peels = Delicious

Prepare some muffin batter before you leave and bring it along in a container. Then, cut some oranges in half and use the fruit itself as you wish (add it to a fruit salad or make some fresh juice). Now simply pour your batter into each half-peel and place them on a grill over your campfire. You’ll have delicious muffins to enjoy in no time! 

2. Easy, No-Mess Omelettes

Get some water boiling over the campfire, then crack a couple of eggs into a sandwich bag. Add extra ingredients as you like (e.g. ham, cheese, milk, salt, pepper, parsley, paprika), zip up the bag, and give it a good shake. Place your bagged breakfast into the boiling water and get ready for a scrumptious omelette. Bonus hack: Crack your eggs into a container before you leave and put them straight into the fridge. They probably won’t survive the trip in a carton! Or pick yourself up a travel egg container.

3. Spice Up Your Camping Life with Tic Tac Or Minty Boxes

Love the idea of adding those spices to your omelette? Not sure how you’d efficiently pack them into your camping gear? Keep your used Tic Tac boxes for a couple of weeks and then repurpose them as portable spice containers. Your rustic camping meals just got a little more refined. We also recommend a kitchen organiser if you are looking for a quick and easy way to store all the essentials in one easy to use package. 

4. Filtered Camp Coffee

With no cafés in sight, you may have to forego your morning coffee… or not! Prepare some servings of instant coffee in coffee filters and turn them into little pouches with a piece of string. You can boil some water, put a pouch in your mug (just like a teabag), and create your own morning cuppa. We've just just started to stock the super popular Dog & Gun coffee filters, we love them so much we use them on our own camping trips to places like Barrington Tops where a warm, quick cuppa saved the day.

Camping Life Hacks:

5. Some Sage Advice

Add some sage to your campfire to provide a natural repellent for mosquitoes or if you can't get a fire going choose from any of our handy inspect repellent equipment to stay bug free out in the bush.

6. Use Doritos as Kindling

Oily chips catch fire easily and burn for quite a while, and they’re considerably less expensive than fire-starter sticks. Once you’ve got the fire blazing, use the leftovers as a snack – obviously! 

7. Line Your Backpack with a Garbage Bag

Keeping your backpack’s contents dry is essential for your comfort and enjoyment. When a downpour strikes or you slip into the creek, the extra lining of a garbage bag will help keep your possessions protected from water. Or alternatively - invest in a dry bag in case you don't remember to bring the liners.

8. Foam Floor Mats

Treat your feet better by using some foam mats as a floor in your tent. This will make walking in your tent more comfortable while also insulating the ground on cold nights. 

Camping Storage Hacks:

9. Pre- and Post-Camping Inventories

While packing your car, don’t toss items in willy-nilly. Instead, prepare an inventory of everything you need to take in advance. This will ensure nothing gets left behind and you don’t run out of space before all the essentials are packed. Before heading home after your trip, make a checklist of all the things you brought and didn’t use. This way, you can save time and space by skipping those items next time. 

10. Storage Bags

Load your storage bags in the car and leave one end visible. Label the ends so that you can easily determine which bag you will needs. This way, you can place other items in and around them to prevent things from sliding around while you’re driving. Storage bags are also great for dividing and organising your camping gear into categories (e.g. kitchen items, food, toiletries, and personal items).

11. Nobody Likes Soggy Toilet Paper

Use an old coffee can to store your camping toilet paper. This hack has saved us more than once, as it also prevents it from sliding into the abyss of the car crevices. This will keep it clean and dry, which everyone on your camping trip will appreciate.

The Best Camping Hack:

12. Last But Not Least - Talcom powder

Use talcom powder to get wet sand off of your feet before getting into the roof top tent. Trust us, you won't regret it!