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Nissan 4x4 Snorkels

A Nissan 4x4 isn’t complete without a snorkel, which not only acts as practical accessory in protecting your engine’s air intake, but adds tough good looks to boot. A Nissan snorkel from Tuff Terrain should be one of the first components to add to your vehicle when making it off-road ready. Even city dwellers getting around in a D22, will find that raising the air intake with a Nissan Navara snorkel will prolong the life of their air filters.


Find the Right Nissan Snorkel

At Outback Equipment we have a range of snorkels that will cater to a number of Nissan 4x4 models, both past and present, including:

Ensure your Nissan Navara or Nissan Patrol snorkel kit matches your car’s series as slight differences do exist in the shape, size, and engine. This will affect whereabouts on the guard that the hole for your snorkel has to be cut. Making sure that your Nissan snorkel will match your vehicle’s model and series will save a lot of headache.


The Value of a Snorkel

Confidently venture off the beaten track with the functional addition of a Nissan snorkel. Designed to be custom fit to some of the most popular Nissan 4x4 models, a professionally fitted snorkel can be invaluable for the longevity of your fourbie. Prevent restricted airflow as you plough through dusty trails and avoid hydrolocking when hazarding creek crossings with a hardy Tuff Terrain Nissan snorkel.





$999.00 $670.00


Stainless Steel Snorkel For Nissan Patrol GU S4 - Brushed

$129.99 $124.99


Tuff Terrains Snorkel Kit For Nissan Navara D22 97- 01

$999.00 $670.00


Stainless Steel Snorkel For Nissan Patrol GQ - Brushed