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Snorkels for Mazda's Signature Ute, the Mazda BT-50


Mazda’s signature ute, the BT-50 is “proven tough” with a propensity for taking on the roughest terrain. But heading into harsh territory means a properly fitted rig. A Mazda BT-50 snorkel from Tuff Terrain is a necessary addition for all 4x4 drivers intending to tackle the ups and downs of off-roading.


Dust and water can be unforgiving elements if they get into your engine’s air intake. With a Mazda BT-50 snorkel, your engine’s intake is raised, allowing for cleaner air and minimising your chances of getting water into your engine when doing water crossings.


Buy a Mazda BT-50 Snorkel


We currently only stock snorkels suited to the first generation of Mazda BT-50 3.0 litre diesel utilities that were manufactured from 2007-2011. This was Mazda’s completely new take on a utility moving away from their original B-series. Their intent was to make it look tough and practical. The ideal workhorse that would also appeal to the recreational users for weekend getaways.


At Outback Equipment, we know the importance of having a ute that can accommodate both work and play and every kind of terrain in between. A vehicle that can go anywhere and handle anything is any adventurer’s best mate. Part of having a ute or 4x4 that you can use in any situation is knowing that it’s properly equipped with the right accessories.


That’s why investing in a snorkel is one of the simplest but most valuable ways you can ensure you have a rig that’s ready for anything. Prolong the life of your air filters and save your engine from getting water damaged with a Tuff Terrain Mazda BT-50 snorkel.