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We stock a quality range of waterproof neoprene seat covers for all popular models like Hilux, Dmax, Navara, Ranger & more. We also have universal fit neoprene seat covers if you can't find your specific model here with fast shipping available Australia wide. 

Your car might be both your trusty workhorse and your weekend joyride and while you’re probably putting it through its paces, you still want to look after it where possible. Taking care of your car’s interior is particularly tedious as it’s not just a matter of giving it a quick hose down if it gets dirty. In most cases, while cleaning is an easy enough solution, prevention is better than cure, and that’s when you should protect whatever surfaces you can.

This is where quality neoprene seat covers make the ideal barrier between your pristine car seats and the unsolicited wear of everyday activities. A heavy duty vehicle especially needs the heavy duty protection that neoprene seat covers are best at offering. These are a great solution for those who like to spend a lot of time in the outdoors in their 4WDs or SUVs but do care about getting their seats dirty or damp.

The Benefits of Neoprene Wetsuit Material

Neoprene is best described as wetsuit material, highly regarded for its waterproof qualities. Like a wetsuit, our neoprene True Fit custom seat covers are also durable and abrasion resistant but still offer a level of cushioned comfort.

Not just tough and comfortable, our range of neoprene seat covers were designed to look good. Finished in a subtle shade of charcoal, the addition of subtle blue stitch accents enhance the appearance and fitted design of the seat covers.

With the correct care you can greatly extend the lifetime of your neoprene seat covers. Cold hand washing and allowing them to air dry in the shade will be sufficient for easy cleaning purposes.

Be mindful not to wring or soak neoprene covers as this will reduce their elastic nature, making them less fitted and reducing their appeal. Simply allow excess water to drip away, avoid ironing and dry cleaning, and your neoprene car seats will be as good as new and ready to be re-fitted to your car seats.

Custom Fit and Airbag Certified™

Not only utilising quality materials, our neoprene True Fit seat covers are specifically designed to custom fit particular vehicle models. This is to further ensure superior comfort, looks, and most importantly safety. This is in relation to vehicles that contain car seat air bags.

Our neoprene seat covers are True Fit model-specific seat covers that are Airbag Certified™ and feature Side Airbag Technology (SAT) stitching. The side seams will split, allowing airbags to be safely deployed without the seat cover hindering their release. This is also why, taking the correct care of your neoprene seat covers is important. Distortion of material, i.e. wringing or soaking, needs to be prevented so the car seat can continue to sit correctly so as to not interfere with airbag operation.

The vehicle models that our range of neoprene True Fit seat covers currently cater to include the following 4x4s and SUVs:

  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Ford Ranger
  • Mitsubishi Triton
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Holden Colorado
  • Toyota Hilux
  • Mazda BT50
  • Nissan Navara

Be sure to check that manufacture years and series match your vehicle.


The Best Car Seat Protection

Don’t let the idea of wanting to keep your car seats clean put you off enjoying the outdoors to its full extent. With the hard-wearing protection of neoprene seat covers you can have peace of mind that your car seats will be shielded from dirt and moisture. The added benefit of Side Airbag Technology also means that the safety of you and your passengers is not compromised. And with bonus good looks to boot, these double-stitched, fitted, neoprene seat covers are an unbeatable choice for safeguarding the longevity of your car seats.

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