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When you’re out doing some 4WD touring or exploring in your Mitsubishi Pajero or Triton, and come across a creek flooded by recent rain, you want to know that your Mitsubishi snorkel is going to be up to the task of keeping your engine dry.

A snorkel works to shift the air intake on your vehicle from under the bonnet where it usually is to roof height. There are a couple of key advantages involved with having a snorkel:

  1. There’s less chance of your engine getting flooded when you cross a river
  2. Your engine has access to cleaner and cooler air

Having your 4WD snorkel at the right height means that your engine will also have less dirt and dust getting sucked into it, which can only ever be a good thing. Whether you need a Pajero snorkel or one for your Triton, Delica, NH, NJ or NK – we’ve got you covered.


Mitsubishi Triton & Pajero Snorkels Online

If you’re a 4WD expert or just getting started in your new Pajero, there’s every chance that you’re going to be crossing some creeks at one point in time or another. Far better to be prepared with a Mitsubishi Pajero snorkel before you go, right?

Making a successful creek crossing comes down to a couple of key things:

We have a range of Mitsubishi snorkels for 4x4’s including snorkels for the following Mitsubishi models:

You need to make sure that you keep your engine air intake dry to avoid damage to your vehicle, so be sure that you have a proper snorkel fitted to your vehicle for safe and fun four-wheel-driving for years to come. 

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