4WD & 4x4 Recovery Kits

4x4s weren’t built to live on tarmac. So if you’re looking to take your beast off the beaten track, you’re going to need a 4WD recovery kit.

These kits are, quite literally, absolute lifesavers. You can get stuck, bogged, wedged, and stranded in almost countless ways – and still get yourself back on track without batting an eye.

The kits we offer are more than up to the highest standards in Australia. And if there’s any nation on Earth that’s going to give a 4WD recovery kit a good run for its money, it’s Australia.


Do I need a 4WD recovery kit?

Well, it all comes down to where you intend driving. If you imagine it will ever encounter anything other than perfect newly-laid bitumen, you may need one. But you’re absolutely going to need one if you ever plan on powering through any:

  • Sand
  • Muddy trails
  • Roads with steep drops or banking
  • Off-road trails
  • Flooded paths
  • Forests or narrow trails.

Although, if you own a 4WD, these are pretty much the only places you can have some fun.


What's included in a 4WD recovery kit?

It really depends on what you need, and how stuck you plan on getting. The basic 4WD recovery kits will include these elements:

Snatch strap

This little champion is going to be the answer to about 90% of all off-roading issues and problems. But you’d better know the difference between one of these and some of the other straps available.

A snatch strap is what you’ll use to tow a vehicle out of a sticky situation – most likely with the help of another 4WD. The strap is designed to stretch like a rubber band, so you don’t tear the face off your beloved beast. It’s definitely the smoothest way to get out of a rough spot – but make sure you always use a top quality, undamaged strap.

Bow shackles

You want that strap to actually attach to your car? It turns out, you’re not alone on that one. All the bow shackles do is securely link the strap with your vehicle.

Heavy duty gloves

You don’t want to find out the hard way why gloves are so essential. But to give you an idea, just think of all the things you can pinch yourself in, get rope-burned from, get caught in, get wrapped by, and so on. This isn’t exactly the best thing to be doing if you’ve just had a manicure, let’s put it that way.

Winch extension strap

Let’s just face it: nature is doing its absolute best to make driving through it as difficult as possible. No doubt that if you get stuck, it’ll be in the worst place imaginable. That one spot you can’t reach.

But we’re better than nature. So we’ve invented winch extension straps. These crafty buggers can give you that extra little bit of reach to your recovery point. 

Tree trunk protector

As much as nature might be out to get you, that’s not the trees’ fault. So if you need to perform a tree recovery, these bad boys will distribute the load far better on the trunk. It’ll put less load on the line, less load on the tree, and get you out faster. So if you’re headed anywhere where trees might make a reasonable means of recovery, you’re going to want a tree trunk protector.

Snatch block

These things will either double the power of your winch, or let you use it from any angle imaginable. Simply whip out this giant pulley, attach it to a tree trunk, and you can pull your own vehicle by attaching the line back to your own vehicle. It’ll halve the speed you get out, but double the power of your unit.

Or, if you’ve really done a good job getting stuck and no one can tow you at the right angle, a snatch block can help. Create a pivot point with a tree trunk, and away you go.


No matter where you’re going, you’ll find the 4WD recovery kits you need in our range.



Cargomate 4WD Recovery Kit 6500KG



Complete Snatch Kit - Extra Heavy Vehicle



Complete Snatch Kit - Heavy Vehicle



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Complete Snatch Kit - Small Vehicle



Drivetech 4X4 Jumbo Recovery Kit (Small)



Drivetech 4X4 Mammoth Recovery Kit (Large)

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Full Recovery Kit



Ironman Large Recovery Kit



Ironman Small Recovery Kit

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Oztrail Recovery Kit Heavy Duty 7pcs



Quick Snatch Kit - Small Vehicle

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Recovery Kit

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Roadsafe Heavy Duty Recovery Kit Large


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Roadsafe Heavy Duty Recovery Kit Small

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Snatch Kit Standard



Starter Recovery kit



Winch Utility Kit

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