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Mitsubishi Headlight Protectors

Headlight Protection for Your Mitsubishi

Investing in a set of Mitsubishi headlight protectors will safeguard the longevity of your headlights. Headlight covers are particularly invaluable to 4WDs that like to hit gravelly terrain on a regular basis. Not just protecting from major damage, headlight protectors are also good at preventing chips and scratches to keep your car looking good and in pristine condition.

Whether you drive a Mitsubishi Pajero or a Triton, you know a Mitsubishi 4x4 is made for dealing with the rough ride of an unsealed road. Country byways are riddled with rocks that can be notoriously hazardous if you happen to be behind another vehicle. A 4WD driving ahead of you with big, aggressive wheels can easily whip up stray pebbles that will come flying at your car. Big deal. A few small stones aren’t going to make a difference, right? That is until just the right sized stone comes flying, full-bore into your headlight.

These kinds of hazards don’t just stop at unsealed roads, with chunks of bitumen just as likely to come flying out of nowhere and straight into your headlight in an urban setting. Even in a shopping centre parking lot a pole or a rogue shopping trolley can be the source of pain if it manages to hit your headlight. This is why attaching a pair of Mitsubishi headlight protectors could be the simplest solution to preventing small but super annoying damages.


Suits Mitsubishi Pajero & Triton Models.

Our range of headlight covers are made by the team at Protective Plastics. They’re renowned for their workmanship and attention to detail. Acrylic products are their speciality as they manufacture the best fitting aftermarket headlight covers, weathershields, bonnet protectors, and dust deflectors.

Acrylic has a good impact resistance as well as being scratch resistant and UV resistant, so these covers will never yellow. The clarity of acrylic is also better than most materials at ninety-two percent light transmittance, which is obviously ideal for headlight covers.

Our range of Mitsubishi headlight covers include styles to suit the following models:

Although polycarbonate is technically stronger than acrylic, it is also a whole lot more expensive. An acrylic cover will effectively protect and only cost a fraction of the price of replacing a headlight if it were to accidently get damaged.


Why Headlight Protectors Are Important

Headlight protectors are a good idea for any car because all cars’ headlights are prone to scratching and chipping. If you’re the type of 4x4 driver who enjoys the rough and tumble of off-roading and just generally find yourself driving on unsealed roads in the country or on worksites, then headlight protectors are a must. You immediately increase the likeliness of your headlights getting chipped when putting your car in these environments. If you’re travelling in a convoy, it only takes one stone whipped up by the car in front to do some real damage and crack your headlight.

While replacing a lens might not be a big deal, a good quality replacement made from polycarbonate plastic can still be a good chunk of money. Many people will try and ignore the crack, but if not dealt with quickly, water can get into the casing, cause mildew, and corrode the electrics.

If you have the unfortunate luck of having both your lens and your bulb get damaged, then that will also add to your expenses. Replacing an LED or a Xenon light will be far most costly than replacing a standard halogen bulb. The simple addition of Mitsubishi headlight protectors will easily prevent the headaches associated with broken lights.