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Plastic Wheel Arch Flares

When you love your truck or 4WD and want to enhance the kerbside appeal of your vehicle, there’s one sure-fire way to get there – and that’s with fender flares. Fender flares are the perfect addition to your vehicle due to their stylised look. At Outback Equipment, our quality fender flares are designed to work in harmony with your existing 4WD wheel arches and will enhance the rugged good looks of your rig, while also ensuring that your larger flared tyres are protected.

Every set of wheel flares from Outback Equipment is built tough and designed to last, whether you’re taking the kids on the school run or heading out for a weekend of bush bashing with your friends. Our fender flares for sale are all injection moulded to give them a robust style and appearance, while the design is finished with bolts and rubber trim to complete the tough look of your 4WD.


Benefits of Fender Flares

The primary benefit of installing fender flares on your vehicle is to protect your car and to stop your tyres from throwing particles like mud, rocks, sand and dirt up into the air and potentially onto your vehicle. When you install fender flares onto your vehicle, you extend the size of your existing wheel arch and add another layer of protection to your car.

If you have put on bigger tyres (or you’re planning to) along with a lift kit, you’ll need to invest in wheel flares to make sure that your vehicle is properly protected. Wheel flares are also used to hide body damage that you may have on your wheel well.


Installing Fender Flares on Your Vehicle

To install your fender flares, you simply need to fit them directly over the wheel well. Ours are designed to perfectly match the body lines of your vehicle for an easy fit and seamless appearance.

If you are planning to fit your vehicle with larger tyres than standard size, you need to ensure that you are adhering to the modification guidelines for legal reasons. In Queensland, the overall diameter of a tyre that’s fitted to a 4WD vehicle for off-road use (or a 4WD goods vehicle and a 2WD equivalent) can be increased by up to 50mm, or reduced by no more than 26mm.

In general terms, the tyres and rims can’t protrude beyond the bodywork when you are looking at your vehicle from above with the wheels facing straight ahead. If your car was manufactured with a portion of the wheels protruding, you can’t have the wheels protruding beyond the original design.

If you want to know more about the legal requirements you need to adhere to when making modifications to your vehicle, you should refer to the Department of Transport in your state. For Queenslanders, you can find the relevant information from the QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads here.


Quality Wheel Flares from Outback Equipment

We offer a range of Tuff Terrain fender flares, including Ford Ranger fender flares, Nissan fender flares and Toyota Hilux fender flares. If you are looking for a tough addition to the exterior of your vehicle, our range of fender flares at Outback Equipment is sure to tick all the boxes.

If you would like to know more about our product range or need some help choosing the right product for you, then please call us on 1300 854 185. Contact us today!