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Suzuki Snorkels

Tuff Terrain Suzuki Snorkels

Our Tuff Terrain snorkels aren’t just for big and beasty 4WDs. The zippy styling of a Suzuki 4WD is just as capable of taking on dusty and wet terrains. Regardless of your rig, every 4x4 can only benefit from the addition of a Tuff Terrain snorkel. A Suzuki snorkel will raise your air intake to draw in cooler and cleaner air and save your engine from getting drowned during shallow water crossings. Maintain your car’s performance and prolong its engine life with some cheap insurance in the shape of a snorkel.


Jimny Snorkels & Vitara Snorkels

At Outback Equipment we currently stock Tuff Terrain snorkels that are suitable to be fitted to older models of the Suzuki Jimny and the Suzuki Vitara. The little leisure machines that are Jimnys are known for getting down and dirty and a snorkel is the ideal accessory to ensure the good times keep rolling. The Jimny has long been considered a tough opponent to even tougher terrain. While its size might suggest otherwise, this only means it can go places the others can’t, which is why we can’t emphasise enough the importance of fitting a snorkel.


Our Vitara snorkels fit the first generation of this model, which were also referred to as the Suzuki Sidekick in the US market. Depending on where your air box is located under the bonnet, the Vitara-suited snorkel comes in a left-side mount, or right-side mount.


When it comes to a Suzuki Jimny or Vitara, size isn’t what limits your adventurous streak, but rather not having a snorkel. Investing in a Suzuki snorkel kit will get your vehicle adventure-ready so you can enjoy every trip, on or off-road.