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Air Compressors: 4x4, Portable & Electric 

No matter what kind of four wheel drive you’re driving, if you go off road, there will come a time when you need to use a 4x4 air compressor. You can use your tyre air compressor to ensure your tyres are always at the perfect pressure for navigating the beach and save you any kind of trouble.

Even if you rarely venture off the road, a portable air compressor is a mighty handy thing to have at your disposal.


Keep Your Tyres at the Right Pressure

One of the most important things you can do to save petrol is to ensure that your tyres are at the right pressure for the road, driving conditions and your load. An under-inflated tyre can cause more rolling resistance and can lead to greater fuel consumption.

Plus, keeping your tyres at the right pressure can help to extend the life of your car and improves the overall handling, safety and fuel economy of your car.

Can’t I do that at the servo?

Well, yes – but you should be checking your tyres when they are cold, as a hot tyre increases the air pressure and gives an inaccurate reading. Having a warm car tyre will increase the pressure and thus give an inaccurate reading every time.


Electric Air Compressor for Your Next Four Wheel Drive Adventure

When you’re undertaking off-roading adventures, you need to be changing your tyre pressure to suit the various surfaces that you’re going to be driving on. Most drivers know about the importance of deflating tyres for driving on sand, but did you know that you need to deflate your tyres for driving on mud and snow, as well? Just one more reason to make sure you have a 4x4 air compressor handy when you’re driving.

Lowering the tyre pressure means that you have a greater surface area that’s in contact with the terrain which increases the traction, but when you’re back on a solid surface you need to reinflate your tyres to ensure that you’re minimising the wear on your tyres and the drag.


What to Look for

Our range of air compressors is designed to work fast when you need them the most. Depending on the model you choose, you’ll get a powerful compressor which can inflate your tyres quickly and easily.

Our range of 4x4 air compressors all run from a battery and are quality compressors designed to last longer!

They all come with a sand tray (to stop the compressor from sinking into the sand when it’s being used), and most can be used hands-free once connected. You can check the pressure quickly and easily, and enjoy fast inflation of your tyres when you need it.


Air Compressor Tips

When you want to get the most out of your four wheel drive and tyres (and let’s face it – who doesn’t?), we recommend that you check your tyres every two or three refills of petrol. While having a tyre pressure gauge is helpful for checking, it’s not worth a great deal to you if you can’t then fill your tyres to the required air pressure! Invest in a quality 4x4 air compressor and enjoy the benefits both on- and off-road.

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$250.00 $230.00

SKU: 55X12

Bushranger Black Max Air Compressor


SKU: AC595

Dr Air 4WD Air Compressor


SKU: AC402

Dr Air 4x4 Air Compressor - 35l/Min

$225.99 $203.00

SKU: AC495

Dr Air Pro Flow Air Compressor 150L P/Min



Drivetech 4x4 Air Compressor



Drivetech 4x4 Air Compressor Kit

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Exitrax 160lpm 12V Air Compressor

$89.95 $73.99

SKU: 4WD-AC045-E

Oztrail Gibson 12V Air Compressor 45L/min

$319.95 $287.96

SKU: 4WD-AC160-E

Oztrail Simpson 12V Air Compressor 160L/min

$199.95 $179.96

SKU: 4WD-AC072-E

Oztrail Tanami 12V Air Compressor 72L/min



Roadsafe Compact 12V Heavy Duty Compressor


SKU: 500-06302

Sphere Rapid Flow Tyre Inflator

$89.90 $87.99

SKU: 500-06300

Sphere Swift Tyre Inflator

$416.00 $320.00

SKU: TDR17200

Thunder Compressor

$248.00 $230.00

SKU: 27520

Viair 275C Compressor Kit

$320.00 $310.00

SKU: 32530

Viair 325C Compressor Kit | 12V

$338.00 $320.00

SKU: 32538

Viair 325C Compressor Kit | 24V

$710.00 $680.00

SKU: 40013

Viair 400C Dual Compressor Kit

$289.00 $225.99


Mean Mother Maxi 3 Air Compressor 110l/Min

$349.99 $259.99


Mean Mother Adventurer 3 Air Compressor 160L/Min

$350.00 $285.99

SKU: 55X23

Max Air III Compressor

Out Of Stock

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RV Air Compressor

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Viair 280C Compressor Kit

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Viair 380C Dual Compressor Kit

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