Parts & Accessories To Suit Toyota LandCruisers

If you own a LandCruiser, there’s a pretty decent chance you’ll take it off the beaten track every now and again. But before you do, it’s important to make sure you’ve got everything you need to bring your beast home safely. So before you make that last turn off paved roads, be sure to check out Outback Equipment’s range of parts and accessories to suit Toyota LandCruisers.

From the smoothest snorkels to the beefiest bash plates, we’ve got everything you need to keep your LandCruiser happy and healthy.


All the Top Accessories To Suit Toyota LandCruisers

If you’re buying LandCruiser parts, you need them to be as tough as the machine you’re adding them to. That why we only stock stuff we’d be game to take across the Aussie outback ourselves. If it’s not top quality, it’s not in our range.

LandCruiser Snorkels

The amount of engineering that goes into those humble little pipes is staggering. Obviously, it needs to keep nasty elements from getting in and flooding your engine. But it also needs to get enough air into the engine to keep it running smoothly. So you’d be relieved to know that the snorkels in the Outback Equipment range can handle both with ease. And to ensure you’ll have a safe and reliable snorkel for years to come, they’ve been constructed from a completely UV-stable material.

LandCruiser Bash Plates

No. You’re not going to bash your LandCruiser with plates. You’re going to keep it safe when the going gets really tough. So tough that an unguarded car would end up with more holes than your old socks.  

Old bash plates were made from incredibly thick steel, but that weight caused plenty of problems to the structural integrity of a vehicle in the event of a nasty knock. So this sleek, modern design has ridges and grooves to increase strength, but it’s light enough to keep your LandCruiser safe. And to sweeten the deal, the water dispersion and venting holes have been designed to perfectly integrate with your LandCruiser’s underbody.

LandCruiser Dash Mats

If you head out into the outback without a dash mat, you’ll quickly work out why they’re important. The glare off most dashes is almost unbearable under the might of the Aussie sun.

But before you go out and grab any old dash mat, remember that you’ll need something strong enough to survive the full brunt of the sun’s UV rays. And, more importantly, you need to trust that it won’t obstruct the airbags in the event of an accident.

For the best possible solution, check out Outback Equipment’s range of Sunland dashmats for LandCruisers. Made locally from the best stuff about, you can guarantee it’ll be around as long as your LandCruiser is.

LandCruiser Drawer Systems

No matter why you bought a LandCruiser, there’s a very strong reason why you should add specially engineered drawers. If you’re a tradie, they can keep your gear perfectly organised and ready for the next job. Or if you simply like taking your LandCruiser on top-notch camping trips, you can seamlessly store all the fiddly bits and pieces you’ll need. And with industrial-strength carpet on the top, you can throw whatever you need on top, and it won’t tear or fray. Of all the LandCruiser aftermarket parts available, drawers may just be the best of the bunch.


Order Accessories For Your Toyota LandCruiser Today

If you need some aftermarket LandCruiser parts that are as tough as the machine itself, look no further than Outback Equipment. With all the right gear available, we can ready your beast for whatever adventures it faces.

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Bash Plate Kit for Toyota 78 Series 97-2007

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Bash Plate Kit for Toyota Landcruiser 200 Series with DPF 16-On