Accessories & Parts To Suit Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux wasn’t built for the school drop-off. It was built to take us to the very limits – and go where no vehicle has gone before. But if you’re planning on pushing your beast to its limits, there are definitely a few precautions you’ll want to take. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate collection of accessories and parts to fit your Toyota Hilux.

From basic cosmetic protection to sophisticated accessories, you’ll find everything you need to kit out your Hilux on the Outback Equipment website.


All the Top Accessories To Fit Your Toyota Hilux

We know the limits you can push a Hilux to. So there’s no point in stocking parts and accessories that would break on a shopping centre speed bump. We stock the stuff that not only survives the toughest parts of this rough nation – it thrives in them.

Hilux Snorkels

There’s plenty of engineering that needs to go into a top-notch snorkel. First and foremost, it needs to stop nasty elements from getting into your engine. But to complement that, it needs to deliver enough air to keep your engine in peak form. That’s why our range of snorkels have the capacity for increased airflow – so even the mighty 3L diesel engines of the ‘80s and ‘90s can breathe easy. And to make sure it’s ready for when you find water, the UV-stable construction means that not even the hot outback sun can wear it down.

Hilux Bash Plates

There are almost no off-the-shelf vehicles produced with enough protection to stay safe in the Australian outdoors. So if you plan on taking on some rugged terrain, you’ll want to keep your underbody safe with a bash plate.

These tough customers have specially designed ridges for added strength – so you can stay fully protected without carrying excessive weight. But to make sure they aren’t a nuisance, the water dispersion and venting holes ensure your Hilux’s performance won’t be impacted. And with rust protection from the slick zinc coating, your bash plate will be around for as many adventures as the rest of your Hilux.

Hilux Dash Mats

If you’ve done enough driving, you’ll know just how important it is to have a well-designed dash mat. The cut needs to be perfect for the dash so it doesn’t slide about like buttered skis. The material needs to keep glare out of your eyes. And, most importantly, it can’t obstruct your airbags from firing.

Hilux Drawer Systems

If you need some storage for work or simply just a place to pack your camping gear, drawer systems are the way to go. These neat contraptions are designed to fit perfectly in the tray of your Hilux, so there’s no wasted wiggle room. The thick industrial carpet on top is more than tough enough to warrant living in a Hilux – given it won’t tear, it won’t fade from UV, and is almost completely resistant to any rot or mildew.


Order Accessories For Your Hilux Today

There’s all that and plenty more on the Outback Equipment website. So if you’re ready to start exploring, check out all our Hilux-related gear, and order yours today!