Accessories & Parts To Suit Your Nissan Pathfinder

Prepare your Pathfinder for whatever path it’s headed down with Outback Equipment’s aftermarket Nissan Pathfinder accessories. We can help keep your beast as safe as possible, no matter whether you’re tackling tough trails or driving around town.


All the Top Accessories for Your Nissan Pathfinder

We won’t stock stuff that’s not going to last in Australia’s toughest conditions. So if it’s in our range of aftermarket Nissan Pathfinder parts, you can back that it’ll see you through fierce heats, torrential rain, and whatever else you’re likely to drive through.

Pathfinder Dash Mat

You might not give a lot of thought to dash mats, but for car owners in Australia, they’re an absolute must. They don’t just keep stains from old fast food cups from seeping into the dash. They’ll stop all kinds of costs and damage that are caused from the sun pounding into your dash all day. Over time, it’s easy for the plastic surface of your Pathfinder’s dash to fade and crack. But with a bit of added protection, it’s sure to last far, far longer. And as a bonus, you’ll not only keep the interior of your car cooler (and save the air con some work); you’ll also stop glare from distracting you as you drive.

Pathfinder Snorkel

Especially in Australia, it can be tougher than you’d think to get cool, clean air into your engine – particularly enough for the high-capacity diesel engines. Whether it’s rain and debris in torrential rain or dirt and dust from unsealed roads, it’s surprisingly easy to start suffocating your engine. But with Safari’s range of snorkels, you can trust that even in the worst conditions, your Pathfinder will hum away without a hitch.

Pathfinder Bull Bar

Bull bars aren’t just a fashion statement. All across Australia – from Broome to Byron – they can be saviours against dents and paint damage. In your local shops, a runaway trolley is all it takes to take a bit of paint off your front bumper. And out of the city, a stray animal that poorly times its crossing can crumple most modern bumpers into nothing. That’s why a Dobinson bull bar is worth installing – no matter where your Pathfinder is headed.

Pathfinder Diesel Pre-Filter

Around 72% of all fuel injection system failures can be pinned back to substances like water and dirt making their way through from the fuel tank. And as unlikely as it seems, you can easily acquire bad materials in your fuel from everyday driving – you don’t even need to go off-road. So if you’re looking to avoid the pain and inconvenience of engine repairs, be sure to fit a Direction Plus Fuel Pre-Filter Kit to your Pathfinder.


Why Buy Your Nissan Pathfinder Accessories from Outback Equipment?

A Wide Range of Stock

There’s far more than what’s listed above in our range. So if you have greater plans for your Pathfinder, you can find the accessories to suit in our collection below.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re just what you’d expect – some outdoor-lovers based on the south side of Brisbane. But don’t be fooled by the metro location; we spend as much time as anyone off the beaten track, soaking in what this magnificent nation has to offer.

Nissan Pathfinder Parts Delivered to Your Door

Unlike most 4x4 part suppliers, you don’t have to drive cross-country to reach our storefront. And better yet, you don’t need to bail from work early and race the clock to beat closing time. All you need to do is order what you’re after online, and your Pathfinder parts will come to you.

Plenty of Payment Options

There are so many ways to buy online, and everyone’s going to have their preferred method. So we’ve set up our website to support just about every e-payment method you can think of. You can make your purchase using:

  • PayPal
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BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Pathfinder (1986 - 1995)

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SKU: K-TOW00496

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Pathfinder (1995 - 2005)

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SKU: K-TOW00502

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Pathfinder (2005 - 2013)

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SKU: K-TOW07583

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Pathfinder (2013 - 2019)


SKU: D1906_D1901

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - D21 01/1986-01/1994


SKU: D2801_D2806-1

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - D21 02/1994-09/1995


SKU: D8306_D8301

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - R52 My14 10/2013-2017


SKU: D4006_D4001

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - RX/ST 03/1999-06/2005


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Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - RX/ST 03/1999-06/2005


SKU: D3406_D3401

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - St 10/1995-02/1999


SKU: D34B06_D34B01

Dashmat For Nissan Pathfinder - St 10/1995-02/1999

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Diesel Pre-Filter to Suit Nissan Pathfinder YD25DDTi 05-11

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