Accessories & Parts To Suit Your Nissan Navara

If you’re looking to take your Navara off the beaten track, there’s no doubt you’ll want to set it up with some top-notch aftermarket Nissan Navara accessories. And with Outback Equipment’s range, you can be sure you’ve given your beast the best support possible for its time in the wild.


All the Top Accessories for Your Nissan Navara

Every aftermarket Nissan Navara part we stock has been tried and tested in Australia’s toughest conditions. So if we stock it, you can trust it’ll survive whatever you’ve got planned for it.

Navara Bash Plate

If you’re tackling anything other than paved roads, a bash plate can come in handy. And with Roadsafe’s range of bash plates, you can keep your Navara as safe as possible. The clever design of the ribs and folded reinforcements in the plate give it plenty of strength, without it weighing more than the car itself. It also provides carefully positioned water dispersion and venting holes, and a tough zinc coating to keep your Navara and bash plate safe from water. 

Navara Snorkel

Keeping clean air coming into your engine is absolutely essential – whether you’re driving through flooded paths or dusty roads. And with the Navara’s massive air flow demands, you need to trust that your snorkel will keep enough air coming in. That’s why we stock Safari snorkels. The tough air ram can separate everything from dirt and dust to heavy rainwater from getting through to your engine.

Navara Bull Bar

Whether you’re driving around town or off the beaten track, a bull bar can keep your Navara safe. Even just a little knock from a shopping trolley can be enough to dint your bumper. But with a Dobinson bull bar, you can trust that you’re fully protected against rogue trolleys – and plenty more. In fact, each bull bar is both airbag and winch compatible. So if you’re tackling some tough trails, you’ll be right to make your way out without a scratch.

Navara Drawer Kit

No matter whether you’re using your Navara for work or pleasure, it’s important to make the most of its boot space. Our Navara drawer kits can keep all your kit tidy and organised. The smooth drawers have been built with heavy-duty rollers to ensure that as time goes, they’ll still glide out without a hitch. And with UV-stabilised industrial carpet, you’ll be protected against mould, mildew and decay for many years to come.


Why Buy Your Nissan Navara Accessories from Outback Equipment?

A Wide Range of Stock

We’ve got page after page of aftermarket parts and accessories for the Nissan Navara. So if you can’t see a section above with exactly what you’re looking for, go ahead and take a look through our entire Navara catalogue.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re exactly what you’d expect – some outdoor fanatics based in Southern Queensland. With this wonderful state at our doorsteps, we spend as much time as anyone getting off the beaten track and testing what aftermarket parts are up to the job.

Nissan Patrol Parts Delivered to Your Door

Unlike old-fashioned 4x4 sellers, you won’t have to drive for hours to get to our shopfront. And better yet, you won’t need to race the clock to beat closing time. Simply order whatever you’re after online – 24/7.

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Order Accessories to Suit Your Nissan Navara Today

Give your Nissan Navara the edge with our range of aftermarket accessories and parts. Check out our collection below, and order yours today!

$625.15 $500.12

SKU: K-TOW00499

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1985 - 1997) 3000kg With Bumper

$378.61 $302.89

SKU: K-TOW00086

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1985 - 1997) D21

$624.23 $499.38

SKU: K-TOW00494

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1985 - 1997) No Bumper

$379.54 $303.63

SKU: K-TOW00778

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1985 - 1997) No Bumper

$667.85 $534.28

SKU: K-TOW00780

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1997 - 2008)

$438.75 $351.00

SKU: K-TOW00776

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1997 - 2009) 2WD

$437.81 $350.25

SKU: K-TOW00777

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1997 - 2009) 4WD

$438.75 $351.00

SKU: K-TOW00087

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1997 - 2009) No Bumper

$683.43 $546.74

SKU: K-TOW00493

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (1997 - 2015)

$693.32 $554.66

SKU: K-TOW00781

BTA Towbar to suit Nissan Navara (2005 - 2009)