Mitsubishi Pajero Parts & Accessories

The Pajero is the king of the road – no matter whether it’s smooth and sealed, or rough and bumpy. But as tough as it may be, there’s always improvements that can be made by aftermarket parts and accessories.

So if you’re looking to give your beast the edge, check out Outback Equipment’s range of parts and accessories to suit the Mitsubishi Pajero.


All the Top Accessories to Fit Your Mitsubishi Pajero

All of our Mitsubishi Pajero accessories are built for hard yakka. That’s why we only stock aftermarket Pajero parts and accessories that are up to the job.

Pajero iDrive Throttle Controller

Need a little extra help with the throttle? Look no further than the iDrive Throttle Controller. One of the most useful Pajero aftermarket accessories you’ll ever own, the iDrive Throttle Controller will allow you to customise your throttle based on the amount of pressure applied to the accelerator pedal. It features an easy-to-fit design, 18 levels of adjustment and an auto control so you can set it and forget it.

Pajero Drawers System

Anyone who’s gone looking for Mitsubishi Pajero parts online can tell you that effective, well-built storage units can be really hard to find. That’s why our own drawers system to suit the Pajero NM models is as tough as they come. This unit offers reliable storage for all your tools, ties and tinnies without taking up the whole rear cabin, and features a flat, carpeted upper surface to minimise its profile.

Pajero Floor Mats for NM/NP

There are certain perils that come with taking any vehicle off-road – equipment breakages, mechanical failures, and so on. One event you can definitely prepare for is someone jumping in the back without washing their boots off, tracking putrid swamp mud through the car. That’s where you could use some of our Pajero floor mats – these nylon beauties are as no-fuss as they come.

Pajero LWB Slimline Roof Rack Kit

The most useful Mitsubishi Pajero parts are always the simplest. The LWB Slimline Roof Rack Kit is straightforward, easy to install and will solve a lot of storage problems. The unit comes with a slimline tray, six gutter mount legs for installation and requires no drilling so you don’t have to worry about damaging your Pajero. Its strong black epoxy coated T6 aluminium frame keeps it stable and the wind deflector will stop even the stiffest breeze in its tracks, meaning you can load up and roll out, hassle-free.


Order Accessories For Your Mitsubishi Pajero Today

These are just a few of the tough-as-hell Mitsubishi Pajero spare parts, equipment and accessories that Outback Equipment has to offer. Check out our range below, and order yours today!

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$212.18 $169.74

SKU: K-TOW00031

BTA Towbar to suit Mitsubishi Pajero (1983 - 2000)

$721.15 $576.92

SKU: K-TOW00484

BTA Towbar to suit Mitsubishi Pajero (2000 - 2006)

$872.93 $698.34

SKU: K-TOW00485

BTA Towbar to suit Mitsubishi Pajero (2006 - 2019)

$724.42 $579.54

SKU: K-TOW07952

BTA Towbar to suit Mitsubishi Pajero (2006 - 2019)


SKU: M39B06_M39B01

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Pajero - IO 04/2002-07/2003


SKU: M40B06_M40B01

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Pajero - NL/NM 04/1999-10/2002


SKU: M3306_M3301

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Pajero - NL/NM 09/1997-10/2002


SKU: M41B01_M41B06-1

Dashmat For Mitsubishi Pajero - NP 11/2002-10/2006