Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Parts & Accessories

The Pajero Sport is a different breed of vehicle. It lives at the intersection of ultra-capable off-road machine and luxurious SUV. That’s why any accessories made to fit the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport have to be just as versatile. We stock parts and accessories that cover everything from high tech to high utility, allowing it to tackle even the hardest conditions in Australia.


All the Top Accessories to Fit Your Mitsubishi Pajero Sport

The parts and accessories we stock need to be able to hold their own in the great Australian outdoors. If you find a specific part on our online store, you can rest assured that it has our vote of confidence.

Pajero Sport 4x4 Snorkel

The snorkel is a staple of any serious off-road vehicle. They keep your engine and air intake clear of water and other harmful contaminants, making them ideal for flooded or unpaved roads. They’ll help keep your adventure going no matter the conditions, making them among the most important Pajero Sport accessories we stock.

Pajero Sport iDrive Throttle Controller

Throttle controllers are the ideal piece of tech for any 4WD enthusiast. Perfect for rock crawling and hard-core off-roading – they’re able to make even the steepest of hills a breeze. The iDrive Throttle Controller features programmable throttle levels and a no-fuss installation. All up, they’re the perfect device for anyone who loves to fine-tune their vehicle’s performance.

Pajero Sport Light Cargo/Pet Barrier

If you’re bringing the family friend along for the journey, make sure it doesn’t damage your Pajero (or itself). That’s where our Light Cargo/Pet Barrier can save the day.  A light but strong barrier that keeps your gear or pet comfortably contained, the Barrier installs easily and fits most Mitsubishi Pajero Sport models.


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No matter which Pajero Sport part you’re chasing, we can help you track it down. Shop with confidence in our secure online store. We’ll make sure your Pajero Sport has everything it needs to make the most of your next great Australian adventure.

$1,048.98 $996.53


Bash Plate Kit for Mitsubishi Triton MQ & Pajero Sport QE 15 - On

$199.00 $194.00


Piak Bash Plate For Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 2016 - On - Orange

$1,850.00 $1,845.00


Piak Non Loop Bar For Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 2016 - On

$1,850.00 $1,845.00


Piak Non Loop Bar For Mitsubishi Pajero Sport QE 2016 - On