Accessories & Parts To Suit Your Ford Ranger

Prepare your vehicle for the great outdoors with Outback Equipment’s range of aftermarket Ford Ranger accessories and parts. No matter whether you’re tackling the jungle or doing the school run, our range of Ranger extras can make your vehicle more robust, comfortable, and safe.

We only stock brands we know and trust. That way, you can trust that your Ford Ranger accessories will be tough enough for whatever you’ve got planned.


All the Top Accessories for Your Ford Ranger

We’ve got over 100 different Ford Ranger parts and accessories in the range. So if you ever need some extra advice or help finding the right products for your next adventure, chat to a member of our team.

Ranger Bash Plate

Bash plates take quite a bit more engineering than you’d expect. The material needs to be light enough to avoid straining or damaging the structural integrity of the vehicle, but strong enough to protect the underside of your Ranger from knocks and bumps. On top of that, it also needs to be durable over time and provide complete water dispersion.

With Roadsafe’s 4WD protection plates, you can expect all of that. The clever rubs and folded reinforcements give you the strength you need without the weight you’d hate. And with well-placed venting holes, water will flow away faster than a snake down a storm drain.

Ranger Dashmats

Over time, it’s easy for the sun to crack your dash like an old biscuit. Even before it gets to that point, the added heat and glare can not only be a distraction as you drive, but increase the heat of your Ranger’s cabin.

The easiest solution is to fit a Sunland Dash Mat tailored to the Ford Ranger. These tough units have been scientifically tested and proven to decrease cabin temperatures under the hot sun and provide maximum protection against UV rays.

Ranger Snorkel

Snorkels aren’t just for those looking to ford streams and rivers. For anyone driving through torrential rain, on unsealed roads or through difficult terrain, snorkels are an essential Ford Ranger part to be installed.

Our range of aftermarket Ford Ranger snorkels can increase the clean air reaching your engine – even in the event of flooded roads, dusty tracks, and heavy rain.

Ranger Bull Bar

For city driving or outback exploring, a Dobinsons bull bar can keep your Ranger safe from harm. It’s not uncommon for a stray animal to cross the road at the very moment you’re coming through – completely removing your chance to avoid it. Or maybe it’s a careless Chris reversing his car in the school carpark – using your Ranger as a buffer. There’s no patch of road that’s risk-free of damage, but a bull bar can stop little knocks from damaging your bodywork.


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Bash Plate Kit For Ranger PX 11-On & Mazda BT50 B32P 11-On

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SKU: K-TOW15857

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2011 - 2014)

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SKU: K-TOW15858

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2011 - 2014)

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SKU: K-TOW00398

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2014 - 2015)

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SKU: K-TOW03717

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2014 - 2015)

$953.96 $763.17

SKU: K-TOW08055

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2015 - Present)

$970.98 $776.78

SKU: K-TOW08056

BTA Towbar to suit Ford Ranger (2015 - Present)


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Dashmat For Ford Ranger - PXII 09/2015-2017


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Dashmat For Ford Ranger - PXII 09/2015-2017


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Dashmat For Ford Ranger - PXII 09/2015-2017


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