Accessories & Parts To Suit Your Ford Escape

Make your escape with the help of Outback Equipment’s range of aftermarket Ford Escape accessories and parts. No matter whether you’re heading off the beaten track or simply doing the shopping, we can make your run as smooth as possible.

Every single Ford Escape part we stock has been tried and tested in the Aussie outdoors. So if it’s on the Outback Equipment website, you know it’s up to the job.


All the Best Accessories for Your Ford Escape

We keep an eye out for the best Ford Escape accessories available. But if there’s something particular you need, reach out to a friendly member of our team, and we’ll see if we can source it for you.

Escape Floor Mats

Floor mats aren’t just there to make cleaning your cabin easier. And sure, it’s far easier to pull out your mats and hose them down than it is to blast the inside of your Escape.

The real benefit of floor mats is the security and protection they offer your carpets. Instead of dragging mud over them, they won’t even see the mud on your boots. Over time, that stops the carpet from wearing away.

If you need mats tough enough to handle Australian-standard mud and clay, check out our Sunland collection. Each one is made to survive whatever mess you’ll trek back in on your boots and stick around for many years to come.

Escape Side Steps

Of course, it’s far easier if you get mud off before you get in the car. And with some high-quality side steps installed, you can do just that. You’ll have your own personal door mat wherever you go and a quick platform to wipe off mud.

Naturally, it also helps both the young and old get up and into the cabin. And on the road, side steps can even prevent stones and debris flicked up by your front wheels from damaging your paintwork.

Escape iDrive Throttle Controller

In a lot of modern cars, the throttle you press is connected to the engine via an electrical signal – not a hydraulic cable. That means you’re largely at the mercy of the manufacturer in terms of delays and responsiveness.

With the iDrive Throttle Controller, you can take control back. Simply set the throttle to respond to your liking, and experience a better drive in your Escape.


Why Buy Your Ford Escape Accessories from Outback Equipment?

A Huge Range of Stock

We’ve got the best collection of Ford Escape parts and accessories – all from the best manufacturers.

We keep an eye out for the best brands and the best stock to ensure you can always keep your Ford Escape running as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

Aussie Owned and Operated

We’re based just south of Brisbane, with a short drive to some of Australia’s best off-road adventures. With Straddie a short swim away and mountain ranges within a tank of fuel, we’re forever testing new equipment.

If we don’t think a particular part is good enough for what Australia can throw at it, we don’t stock it.

Ford Escape Parts Delivered to Your Door

Getting your Ford Escape parts is easier than you’d expect. We can arrange delivery straight to you, so you can save your time and fuel for your next adventure.

Plenty of Payment Options

There are so many ways to pay online. With Outback Equipment, you have the option to pay with:

  • PayPal
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • zipMoney
  • Afterpay
  • Direct deposit.


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Prepare yourself for any outback adventure with Outback Equipment’s range of Ford Escape parts and accessories. Check out the range and order yours today!

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BTA Towbar to suit Ford Escape (2016 - 2020)

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iDrive Throttle Controller To Suit Ford

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Integra Steps To Suit Ford Escape ZD 05/2008 - 03/2013

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SKU: 18F520

Stepboards To Suit Ford Escape ZD 05/2008 - 03/2013

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SKU: 18F500

Stepboards To Suit Mazda Tribute Ford Escape 01/2001-04/08

$899.40 $719.52

SKU: K-TOW17950

TAG Towbar to suit Ford Escape (2016 - 2020)