Tyredog entered the Australian market in 2004 and has become the market leader in Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems. As a company comprised of 4x4 and caravanning enthusiasts, they understand the importance of not only maintaining correct tyre pressure but building a robust product that works time after time. Going off-road means that sometimes tyre pressure has to be changed to suit the driving conditions. Tyre pressure can be the difference between getting bogged, making it up a hill, or even staying on the road. Tyredog’s TPMS come highly recommended and will ensure the safety of drivers going off-road or towing trailers or caravans.

Outback Equpiment stocks a range of Tyredog Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems ideal for four-wheel drivers and caravanners, as well as related accessories and replacement parts.



3-Way Valve Adapter For Trucks


SKU: TD-1000A-X4

4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor

$299.00 $274.99

SKU: TD-1300A-X4

4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor (0 To 60 Psi)

$299.00 $274.99


4X4 Offroad Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor

$389.00 $349.99

SKU: TD-1300A-X5

5 Wheel Inc Spare Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitoring Kit (0 To 80 Psi)

$299.00 $274.99

SKU: TD-4100A-X2

Handlebar Mounted Motorcycle Tyre Pressure Monitor

$389.00 $369.99

SKU: TD-5600A-X4

Iphone / Android Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitor (Tpms)


SKU: CR1632

Lithium 3V Replacement Battery



Replacement Internal Sensor Suit Td-1000A-I (433Mhz) Blue



Replacement Internal Sensor Suit Td-1000A-I (433Mhz) Red

$89.00 $84.99


Replacement Sensor To Suit Td-2700F Series (Fsk)