Travel Buddy

Travel Buddy 12V and 24V ovens were the brain children of John and Polly who wanted to help out a friend in need of a way to easily warm up food as he travelled the High Country. Having tried all of the usual methods like using the dashboard with the heater on or placing his sausage rolls on the engine, his new 12 volt oven was a welcome addition to his 4x4. The 24 volt oven came into existence after another friend made a request to have a travel oven for use in the machine cabin of his earth moving equipment. The 12 volt marine oven also completes the Travel Buddy product line creating a convenient way of enjoying warm food while on the water. No longer have the smell of diesel affect heating up your food on-the-go; do it safely and simply with a Travel Buddy oven.

Outback Equipment offers the complete range of Travel Buddy ovens for a variety of applications and travel friendly food items.