Shurflo emerged in 1968 as the recreation market was searching for dependable fresh water pump solutions that would deliver water stored in tanks to faucets, showers, and toilets installed in coaches. Shurflo developed a line of pumps that not only met the need, they worked so well that 25 year old pumps are still working hard and efficiently every time a tap is turned on. Now a part of Pentair Inc. — a diversified operating and publicly held company, Shurflo has remained responsive to the changing needs of the caravan industry. Shurflo has become the dominant supplier to the RV, marine, general industrial, and floor care markets. The pumps they build today are even quieter, draw fewer amps, and are more efficient than the original pumps of the past.

Outback Equipment stocks Shurflo products ranging from filtration kits, water pumps, regulators, and related accessories.


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Replacement Upper Assembly#1 for Shurflo 4009 Pump

$145.00 $129.99

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Shurflo 12v 4009 Water Pump & Twist On Filter Pack


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Shurflo 12V Single Fixture Compact Pump

$176.00 $125.89

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Shurflo 4009 12 Volt Standard Pump (No Fittings)


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Shurflo Accumulator Tank

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Shurflo Filter Cartridge

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Shurflo In-Line Water Entry Pressure Regulator Kit

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Shurflo Pressure Accumulator

$220.00 $169.99

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Shurflo RV & Marine Water Filtration Kit


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Shurflo Twist On Filter 1/2" Thread Inlet/Outlet

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Shurflo 12 Volt Compact Pump

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