Roadsafe Automotive Products was established in 1994 as a steering and suspension aftermarket supply specialist. In 2006, Roadsafe Automotive Products merged with PAJA Automotive to create the new Roadsafe. As a result, Roadsafe has become Australia’s largest and most comprehensive range of chassis parts to the auto aftermarket, specialising in undercar. Roadsafe’s reputation for reliability and stability is well recognised and of paramount importance. Their proven record of establishing successful new product lines and ranges has made their team, range, and service second to none.

Outback Equipment stocks Roadsafe aftermarket chassis accessories including bashplates and tow points for various 4x4 models.


SKU: BP001-1

Bash Plate for Toyota Hilux 2005-2014 - 1ST PLATE


SKU: BP001-2

Bash Plate for Toyota Hilux 2005-2014 - 2ND PLATE


SKU: BP001-3

Bash Plate for Toyota Hilux 2005-2014 - 3RD PLATE