Manchester Tank & Equipment

Manchester Tank & Equipment is a leading Australian manufacturer of pressure vessels for the containment of LPG, air, refrigerants, and other industrial/domestic applications. Although established in Los Angeles in 1945, their Australian operations are based in Echuca, Northern Victoria, as well as Campbellfield, Melbourne. Manchester design, manufacture, and test their vessels in accordance to multiple Australian Standards including AS 2469, AS 2470, AS/NZS 3509, AS 1210, AS 2971, and more. The company is ISO 9001 Quality Certified and have their own NATA approved testing laboratory on site for Radiography and Mechanical Testing, ensuring their products set a high standard for quality, reliability, and safety.

Outback Equipment stocks Manchester LPG Gas Cylinders suitable for leisure purposes.

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SKU: 550-01010

Manchester 4kg Grade 2 Gas Cylinder Pol - L/H Thread No Gauge

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SKU: 550-01000

Manchester 9kg Grade 2 Gas Cylinder Pol - L/H Thread No Gauge