Dr Air

Dr Air is a popular brand from Haigh Australia and is just one of the many brands created after the reorganisation of their company. Dr Air products revolve around everything to do with your wheels including maintenance, repairs, and general care. Your tyres are one of the most important components on your vehicle and as such should be addressed by good quality products. When you go four wheel driving, your tyres are of course going to be working their hardest. This is where Dr Air products will be your wheels’ best friend, both on and off road. The range offers most things you could need including air compressors, patches and repair kits, tyre gauges, and a number of other tyre maintenance accessories.

Outback Equipment stocks Dr Air tyre accessories including air compressors, heavy duty repair kits, and tyre gauges.

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Dr Air 4x4 Tyre Gauge



Digital Tyre Gauge


SKU: AC402

Dr Air 4x4 Air Compressor - 35l/Min



Dr Air Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit - 9 Piece



Tyre Maintenance Pack